Paker’s Secret Closet (PSC) supporters came together for an anniversary gala last week to celebrate one year of the organization contributing to the community. PSC is a nonprofit that offers free party attire to disadvantaged teenagers as a way to make events like prom more inclusive. The event — which centered around eco-friendly creations made by local designers using recycled materials — attracted a variety of guests all dressed in their best prom-inspired attire. Models also strutted in PSC gowns to show off the chic looks that are being offered through this organization. 303 Magazine was there to celebrate with PSC and share some of the best looks from the night.

Bhavana Karwar is standing with her creation made out of recycled material. “I truly believe that we should be saving stuff for our future generations.”

Kiva Frey, the director of PSC, wore a style from the nonprofit. The dresses most available through PSC inspired her daring look. “I thought this was a fun prom dress.” She was thrilled to see that the event brought together so many members of the community.

Mrs. Rocky Mountain, Brooke Southard, wore a dress from PSC. “Mermaid style is my favorite. I have mermaid hair and I have to have a mermaid dress to go with it.”

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Tina Lushnikova, a fashion designer, chose her dress because she liked the fabric and the way the style complemented the venue. “For vintage cars, vintage dress,” she said.

Robin Cartwright wore a dress from Nordstrom Rack. “I wanted to look like I was going to prom.” She is a friend of Kiva’s and fell in love with the message that the organization stands for and how it is helping teens.

Norah Hopfer modeled a look from PSC. “I just heard that it was such a good organization and I just wanted to support something that I believe in. I want to make girls everywhere feel good.”

Tiffany Lahey wore a prom style from PSC. “I’ve been working with Parker’s Secret Closet since they opened so I kind of know Secret Closet really well.”

All photography by Karson Hallaway.