Travelers who prefer using Lyft, Uber or the light rail to get to Denver International Airport (DIA) in order to avoid hefty parking fees might be rethinking their method of airport transportation soon. If you’re going out of town, you can actually make money parking your car at the airport.

Blucifer say what?

Drift, a new car sharing app, launched its pilot program this week at DIA and wants locals to give it a go. Drift users can either rent someone else’s vehicle for the duration of their visit to Denver or “park” their own vehicle and let someone else take it for a spin while they are out of town.

If you choose to park your car at DIA with Drift, the company says that you could earn up to $50 a day depending on the size of your vehicle. Allstate insurance will protect all Drift vehicles offering $1,00,000 in coverage and cars will be thoroughly cleaned (inside and out) after use. Travelers who park with Drift will also receive a complimentary shuttle ride to and from the airport.

If that all still sounds too scary, Drift also protects your vehicle from renters with pets, renters who smoke or renters looking to rack up mileage on a long road trip (if that doesn’t bother you, you can alter your settings). All Drift cars must have been made in 2010 or later, have less than 125,000 miles and be in good condition (no personal items inside and no garbage). If your car fails to meet these standards, and you leave it with Drift, they can actually charge you instead, so be careful.

Even if you park your car with Drift, there is a slight chance someone might not rent it out for the day(s) you are away. If that’s the case, then Drift will just park your car for free. We hope you make money though. Getting paid for letting someone use your unwanted car while you’re on vacation might actually help pay off that vacation.