Meet New Denver Fashion Week Designer Amy Lisojo

Love Child hoodie
Photo courtesy of Amy Lisojo.

Talented designer and maker, Amy Lisojo, will participate in Denver Fashion Week (DFW) for the first time this season alongside Denver street artist, Chris Haven for the opening show — Fashion x Art — on March 23. The duo initially met at an art event in RiNo, which prompted their first collaboration. “He asked me to convert his Snow Beach poncho into a jacket. I guess he liked it,” said Lisojo. “I dig his vibe, his work, and we have a similar style when it comes to fashion.”

Lisojo and Haven worked together on a grand scale this time to make a signature DFW collection based on Haven’s Pyramid Lucky Cat. Their show will feature some head-to-toe looks which will include footwear and accessories. “We enjoyed playing off the Lucky Cat colors which are symbolic for wealth, success and good health. We also added some swag and additional pockets for all that abundance,” explained Lisojo.

Designer Amy Lisojo
Photo by Shannon Barber

Lisojo is a New York City native — born in Brooklyn and raised on Staten Island. She received her business degree from Wagner College but made the move to the Mile High City three years ago for all it has to offer. As an athlete at heart, Lisojo is a Division One track and field star but does more cycling at the moment. Her dedicated soul is how she obtained her skills in art and fashion. She did this all on her own, with some continuing ed classes. Now, her focus is on streetwear. “Something I love about streetwear fashion is the freedom and the overall feeling of freshness. If you add a little function in the mix, I’m in it,” Lisojo said. Her passion for design and fashion began as long ago as she can remember.

“I taught myself to screen print and would develop screens in my attic. I started making t-shirts to match my sneakers and then put a few of my designs on eBay, which sold. After that, I was amped and decided there was no way I could turn back,” she explained.
Love Child backpack
Photo by Amy Lisojo

Lisojo and her long-time friend co-created the brand Love Child, driven by their love of music genres like hip hop, street art and urban culture. They knew they wanted it to be bigger than a screenprinting brand so they started to cut their letters and designs from fabric, leather and repurposed materials. As of 2014, Love Child is an independently owned fashion brand available at Richmond Hood Company locations and online. “The meaning behind the name ‘Love Child’ is everyone is a love child,” said Lisojo. “We all come from love and we all should lead with love.”

As for the future, Lisojo looks forward to a new chapter in her work. “Myself, and my partner, Shannon, are developing a retail experience in our studio that we are shooting for fall 2019. A little by appointive boutique featuring my work, as well as other independent designers,” she said. In addition, she also has some exciting partnerships in the works for 2019.
Love Child apparel
Photo by Amy Lisojo

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