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Angie Sayers is a Venezuelan beauty, who doesn’t follow the runway trends — she sets them. A champion at visual creative, Sayers has an alluring, eclectic style developed from years of collecting clothes and accessories. The story and style she creates are essentially her brand that could be described as “cool girl.” She balances delicate and edgy with her wardrobe of rompers, bohemian sundresses, vintage rock tees, ripped denim and trench coats. Sayers’ expertise has led her to become a brand ambassador for Urban Outfitters, Lulus, Shein, Le Labo and Grow Gorgeous.

She emerged through tough times, self-discovery, hard work and perseverance. Her mother and husband Matt Sayers inspired and supported her monumentally through her evolution. Sayers, her husband Matt and their cat “daughter,” Rain moved from New Jersey to Denver three years ago. They are fanatical about storytelling and capturing the moment through photography, videography, styling and building content. Here is the inside story from meeting with the beautiful and talented Angie Sayers.

303 Magazine: Tell us about your experience moving from Venezuela to New Jersey/New York and then Denver?

Angie Sayers: I was 19 years old when we moved to the United States, and it was one of the most exciting and hardest times of my life. My mother and I came here on our own and neither of us spoke English. She knew moving here would allow me to have a better future. I was surrounded by Latin, European and so many other cultures when I moved to the East Coast. For the first time, I experienced diversity on a big level. I loved meeting people from different countries and trying cultural dishes. It expanded my horizons.

I met my husband Matt in New Jersey, and we were married 15 years ago. We inspire each other with our creativity. Three years ago, a Denver company recruited him for work. We always wanted to live out west and it was the perfect opportunity. Living in these complete opposite places made me tougher. I am able to handle any situation that comes my way.

303: What is “visual creative” about?

AS: It’s a multi-dimensional mindset that develops in the moment and it’s subjective. It’s being an all-around artist. For me, it’s being a creative director for our blog and brands that I work with. I come up with a visual idea, concept or image and then execute it, making the subject come to life. I have experience in many different realms involving visuals — photography, interior decor, visual merchandising, styling, content creation and image consulting.

303:  When did you get into fashion, styling, modeling and photography?

AS: I always had an interest in fashion growing up. I watched my mother work in the creative space as a hair stylist and a seamstress. Moving to New York really helped me find myself and develop my personal style. It all started as a hobby before iPhones and Instagram existed. I’d ask my husband to take photos of my outfits with a small digital camera and I would post them on Tumblr and Lookbook. These were my go-to places to get inspiration .

I really enjoy the process of creating something out of nothing. I would always set up photo shoots at home and street-style shoots, eventually my husband and I got a professional camera. From there, we started experimenting with different photography styles. It became our favorite thing, allowing us to push one another creatively. In my early twenties, I started working in fashion retail where I learned some of the ins and outs of the industry. After social media came around I just grew from there.

303: Tell us about your style. What does your closet look like? What key items will you always have?

AS: A lot of my style comes from places I’ve been to, the eras I’ve grown up in and movies I’ve watched. It is filled with anything that is influential to me. I guess we can call it eclectic with an edge. My closet has a variety of selective pieces I’ve collected over the course of eighteen years. I like to have fun with mixing different eras — lots of funky and grungy pieces and a variety of timeless things. Denim and leather jackets are my weakness. They will never go out of style and I’ll wear them forever, like my All Saints leather jacket. A few of my favorite items have been vintage/thrift finds. I love shoes too. I can rock a good pair of sneakers, like Nikes, Vans and Converse. These will always be a part of my wardrobe.

303: What do you love about what you do?

AS: Creative freedom. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with major companies that I never imaged I’d ever work with. What I treasure most is connecting creatively with my husband who is also my best friend. We love working together. Some of my favorite images we’ve created have been spontaneous or last-minute random shots. I also enjoy connecting with other creative people around the world. Lastly, It’s nice to create my schedule and working from home has awesome perks!

303: What has fashion and beauty done for you?

AS:  Something I learned from my mother is that beauty really comes from the inside out. I’ve always made sure to follow that by taking care of myself from within. Fashion in a way has made me who I am. I’m often told that I dress different and that’s something that sets me apart in a good way. Clothes and makeup are not anywhere near the most important things in my life, it’s just fun for me and a way of expressing myself. I balance my personal and career life in a healthy way. What I’ve learned throughout the years helped me grow into who I am and developed my style. Because of that, I am noticed by some big fashion companies who have given me great opportunities, just for being myself.

303: What motivated you to start your fashion blog?

AS: After doing photography for so long, we had so many images and felt we should share it with the world. Starting a blog had been on my mind for years and I had many people tell me that I should have one. I hesitated because I didn’t want to be just another blogger. It wasn’t until my husband motivated me to do it by making me see things with a different perspective.  Even though there are many bloggers out there, each individual is different. It’s being unique that sets you apart from the rest.

A year after moving to Colorado I finally took the time and said, “it’s now or never” and got started. We named it TwoSayers.com as a way of sharing both of our visions as a creative duo. It’s our passion that is beyond style and photography. It’s a place where we share our life experiences.

303: Who are your favorite fashion designers that inspire you?

AS: Honestly, I’m not into shopping name designers. It’s more about fitting my aesthetic. I truly appreciate the art crafted by fashion designers and the process it takes to make their collections. They are pieces of art which is the reason they are hard to afford. I do have some favorites, though I don’t own any of their pieces — Rick Owens, Paco Rabbane, Givenchy, Dior, Jacquemus, Shrimps. Lately, Orseund Iris has been my favorite. They make incredible ’90s-inspired minimalist pieces.

303: What or whom inspires your style?

AS: My mother was my first inspiration, she had amazing style and I think I take after her. I constantly get inspiration from places I visit, a movie I’d watch, my surroundings, etc.

303: Where are your favorite places to shop?

AS:  I mostly love vintage and thrift shopping. A few local shops that I like are Goldmine Vintage and occasionally Goodwill and Arc thrift stores. I mostly shop online; however, I don’t shop as much as people think I do. When I do, it’s always at Urban Outfitters, Asos, Zara.

303: What fashion advice would you give women when getting dressed in the morning?

AS: If it feels right, wear it. If it makes you feel confident and good about yourself, do it. Don’t be scared to try something new and to get out of your comfort zone. Most importantly, don’t care too much about people’s opinions. Dress for you, not for others.

303: What else would you want people of Denver to know about you?

AS:  I’m a brutally honest introverted human who likes to wander. I enjoy creating and connecting with like-minded people who are open-minded and not afraid to be their authentic selves.

303: What’s next for you?

AS: I can’t help myself to share a quote I love so much from the great David Bowie, “I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.”

All photography by Matt Sayers.

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