Here at 303 Magazine, we pride ourselves in being your premier source of local music. In order to further promote our new vinyl, we teamed up with Fat Tire and local band iZCALLi and filmed an acoustic live session up at the Fat Tire mountain house in the heart of Vail, Colorado. This series of videos aims to highlight the artistry that goes into the music our local musicians compose and also give the audience a glimpse at the music we’ve curated for our new release.

Check out the first video of our series below for a stripped down version of iZCALLi’s “Y Es Que Solo Asi” and be on the lookout for more videos from this series. 

Special thanks to Dead Medium Media for shooting and editing this segment as well as Brandon Clark and Pete Isakovic for supplying and monitoring sound.

Shoutout to iZCALLi for their time, talent and cooperation.