If you had the chance to go to the ODESZA Red Rocks show on Saturday, June 15, you likely heard the Swedish producer Carl Garsb, also known as Kasbo. Kasbo opened the iconic show and if you missed it, you have another chance to experience the pure magic and art of his music. Known for his remixes to songs like “The Little Things” by Big Gigantic, “Indian Summer” by Jai Wolf and most recently, “Happier” by Ed Sheeran, Kasbo creates euphoric harmonies that allow anyone listening to let go and be taken away. While his show at The Ogden on Sunday, November 25 won’t compare to the volume of that of a Red Rocks show, the night will deliver nothing short of euphoric bliss and much-needed escape.


Kasbo’s debut album, Places We Don’t Know, was released back in March via the record label, Foreign Family Collective. The duo behind FFC? — Harrison Mills and Clayton Knight, also known as, ODESZA. Kasbo is one of the many artists under the record label — some others including Big Wild, Chet Porter, Loius Futon and Jai Wolf — and with a talent like ODESZA supporting a solo artist, one can only expect that artist to be beyond superior — and Kasbo does not disappoint. With over 40 million streams, the album landed a number one spot on the iTunes Electronic Chart upon release, with a takeover of Spotify’s “Mint” playlist, the DJ and producer proves his worth.

Kasbo is currently on his “Places We Don’t Know: Part 2 Tour” with openers Vancouver Sleep Clinic and fellow, FFC artist, ford. Based on previous shows, Kasbo will deliver a live and intimate performance that will transport attendees to another realm — or maybe even back to Red Rocks on that warm summer night in June. Kasbo uses a completely live set-up including drums and guitar — plus he features new music, showcases new visuals and boasts a new production.

We may have only seen Kasbo once before, but what we witnessed was truly beautiful. Kasbo doesn’t just play his music, he feels it. He doesn’t just hear his melodies, he sees them — visually and emotionally. His performance is awe-inspiring and jolting with energy and vibrancy. Expect to hear songs such as “Lay it On Me,” “Aldrig Mer,” his rework of “The Little Things” by Big Gigantic and more. If you missed the ODESZA shows back in June, Kasbo is giving you a second chance to check him out. Don’t mess it up.

Tickets to Kasbo’s show can be purchased here. For more information on Kasbo and tour dates, go here.