How Local Style Influencer Angelica Medina Made Fashion a Career

Angelica Medina

Denver style influencer, Angelica Medina, has effortlessly combined her drive to succeed in the business world with signature style that defies the typical 9-to-5 wardrobe. After graduating from the Art Institute of Colorado in the Fashion Marketing Department, she immediately jumped into the industry by becoming a brand ambassador for her father’s men’s underwear line, YOCISCO. She’s in the process of the brand’s evolution which will soon include a lot more, such as women’s lounge and swimwear. The 23-year-old is not only inspired to thrive as a businesswoman in fashion but she’s also willing to take her career to the next step each time she gets the opportunity.

Angelica Medina
Medina wears her favorite cargo pants — a trend she saw on the runway all year long. 

303 Magazine: Your sense of style has a reminiscence of the modern femme fatale working women — who has inspired your style development the most?

Angelica Medina: To create my style I like to incorporate many different influences. I like to take elements from pop culture, street style and my own instinctive taste. I like to experiment with many different looks and flavors in the fashion world but the most consistent element in my style is a polished feel for every outfit I put on. My shoes, purse, jewelry, hair and makeup need to match the aesthetic and the feel I am trying to portray with each outfit I put on. That element of head to toe style has come from my parents. Growing up my mom was a hard-working, independent business woman who always made sure she looked her best when stepping out the door. My dad was a hard-working gay business man, who was also very polished everywhere he went. Having two strong and stylish parents sculpted my style and the strong femme fatale woman I am today.

303: What are your go-to staples for your everyday looks and who inspires your looks?

AM: For fall, my go-to staple pieces include turtle necks, black jeans, leather pants, booties, knee high boots, a stylish long coat and a fierce attitude. For year round my go-to staple pieces include a handbag, jeans, bodysuits, hoop earrings and heels. I have always loved the elegance and fierceness of Jennifer Lopez’s style. I take many elements from her and intertwine them with my own style. I also love to examine the style of the top fashion models, including Gigi and Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. I find their style sleek, simple and sexy.

303: Born and Raised in Denver Colorado, how do you truly feel about the fashion in Denver.

AM: Growing up in Denver I have seen many changes in the fashion industry. Over the last ten years, there has been a huge growth and evolution in Denver style and community. There wasn’t much to choose from before and now big brands and high fashion designers are building stores here. With all the various types of people moving here, the style is starting to become different and with lack of a better word, better.

Denver is a very active state and from that, a popular style is athleisure. Residents love wearing an outfit that can go from the gym to the mall. I also have noticed a large market of the boho style with the growth of independent small boutiques popping up everywhere in the metro area. I am one who likes stylish athletic wear on my days off and while running errands but not all the time. While our community and selection has grown, it’s still not as much variety as I would like. Our designer selection in malls or department stores needs expanding and the variety of styles need to venture more outside of athletic and boho. Having that said, with the fast growth in the last decade, I predict a wider selection will come soon.

Angelica Medina
What better way to power on through the week then to match your houndstooth heels and coat together. Medina pairs the loud print pieces with an Alexander McQueen handbag.

303: You recently went to intern in New York for the brand Nanette Lepore. What was the best and worst part of moving states for your internship and what inspired you the most about the experience?

AM: Over the three months I lived in New York I learned a lot about business and about my myself. I had never lived in any other state and had never even been to New York. I went in with an open mind and no expectations. When I moved there, I knew the living situation wouldn’t be the best or the biggest but I was even shocked when I entered my apartment. It was way smaller than I could have ever imagined, had half a stove, a backward shower, tore up floorboards and a hole in the ceiling. I learned to adapt and do with what I had.

Working at Nanette Lepore was busy and intense because I was the only intern for the season. Being the only one I took on the role of managing the wholesale website, creating product knowledge for departments stores, assisting with inventory, photoshoots, tradeshows and product shots. I also was running endless errands and catering to the designers every need. Many times I had to walk tens of blocks in the rain, snow and wind with a huge roll of fabric or tons of bags. Somedays I got very homesick and literally sick. I had hard days and fun times. My roommate was also going through the same thing and we comforted each other on bad days. Overall from this experience, I learned how to be more independent and find creative ways to solve problems. I know now how I want to run my business and I now have more faith in myself as a creative and a business owner. I proved to myself in New York that I can do anything I put my mind and skills to.

Angelica Medina
Medina wearing her vintage fox fur coat with a modern Alexander Wang T-shirt.

303: As a modern women who has a new career title is creative Director of YOCISCO, how has the new position at the Denver-based fashion brand inspired you after recently graduating college?

AM: Over my four years in college I have worked very closely with YOCISCO but since graduating I have had the opportunity to take on a huge role in the company. At this time YOCISCO is going through an evolution and I was a factor in initiating the change toward a better marketing strategy. The brand has pushed me to use many of the skills I learned in school and to trust my creativity. YOCISCO has inspired me to want to work harder, achieve everything I have ever dreamt of and has allowed me to evolve as an artist and businesswoman. YOCISCO has inspired and pushed me as a businesswoman from the time I started working with the company in 2014 and continues to inspire me now. Working with an established company has given me great insight into the industry early in my career and I hope to continue to grow and build YOCISCO into the global brand I know it can be.

303: What does the future hold for you — where do you see yourself developing in fashion within the next couple years?

AM: In the next couple of years I see myself continuing to work for YOCISCO, building the brand into a huge company and continuing to grow my own creative consultant business. I see myself expanding YOCISCO into other categories within fashion such as women’s loungewear, swimwear and accessories. I know YOCISCO will be huge one day and I would love nothing more than to be the head of the creative direction for a huge global apparel company. With the direction the company is going, I see it happening within the next decade.

Aside from YOCISCO, I am the owner of my own creative consulting company  — Angelica Medina Creative Consulting. I see myself extending my skills in marketing, social media, styling and makeup artistry to more companies. I take what I have learned in the industry and freelance my work and expertise to companies in need of help in those areas and I hope to work with many types of companies in different industries and continue to grow my rapport of business I lend services to over the next couple years. I am so optimistic and excited for the future and have no doubt with the hard work and determination I give every day that success will soon follow.

All photography by Rebecca Grant.

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