As we approach another season of Denver Fashion Week, we focus a lot of on our designers, models and the Denver fashion community. However, our DFW sponsors also play a significant role in the overall experience. By showing their support and participation in DFW and helping create bigger and better shows than previous seasons. This year, our presenting sponsor is Mile High Luxury Real Estate (MHLRE) a boutique firm located in downtown Denver. Owner and Founder of MHLRE, Dan Kargarzadeh discusses being a presenting sponsor for his very first DFW, growing up surrounded by fashion and his hope for this fall’s season. 

303 Magazine: How did Mile High Luxury Real Estate become involved with Denver and the real estate scene?

Dan Kargarzadeh: It started out as simply a website that I built when I was with Kentwood Real Estate. I was working with a couple of people who encouraged me to [then] turn it into a company. A big part of what we do is we’re a very client forward company – it’s all about protecting their best interest. We’ve developed really close relationships with our clients on their businesses and personal real estate. From an agent perspective, we try to offer a lot of that helps agents grow their own businesses.

303: This is your first DFW experience. Have you always had an interest in fashion?

DK: I’ve always loved fashion. Ever since I was young, my mom was a shopaholic. She would drag us around [shopping]. When I was in high school, I would go to the thrift store and buy funny pants and cut them up in different ways. I kind of made my own thing out of them. I’ve always really like different materials, textures — things like that.

303: Do you have a favorite local designer?

DK: Honestly, no. I don’t know of many local designers. Usually, I tend to reserve some time for shopping when I’m on vacation, just to grab different stuff. I get most of my t-shirts from 303 Boards. I find a lot of the newer skate shoes aren’t fashionable… I don’t know of any men’s local designers — yet.

303: Did you have a fashion icon growing up?

DK: As a kid, I wanted to be James Bond. I felt like he always had his perfect outfit so I like the more classic look. I still am into skateboarding but having that guide some of your fashion choices isn’t always the best thing. The trends come and go so quickly. A lot of that stuff is not practical; it’s more of a style thing. But fashion icon, maybe some Ralph Lauren’s stuff — depends on the year. Really it’s whatever I see and like. I tend to draw inspiration from a cool outfit from somewhere, I’ll store it and then when I’m shopping I’ll see what reminds me of it.

303: What are you looking forward to most about DFW?

DK: I’m really excited about the Streetwear show and even though, I don’t have any hair anymore, I’m curious about the Hair Show. Back when I had hair, I had a lot of different hairstyles. I had a giant green mohawk; I had braids and dreadlocks.

303: What are some things you’re hoping to get out of this fall DFW?

DK: As an outsider from Iowa who moved to Denver, I really love this place. It’s been a good cultural fit for me more so than anywhere I’ve ever lived.

Denver Fashion Week presented by Mile High Luxury Real Estate is November 4 – 11 at Lumenati Productions. For more information visit Tickets to runway shows and workshops can be purchased here.