Colorado’s own One Flew West’s music video for their song, “What Do I Know” is more than just a music video; It will teach you how to make dinner as well. “What Do I Know” is the perfect song to dance to in the kitchen while preparing dinner for friends, family, yourself or anybody else.

Joe Pineda, a friend of the band as well as a former member and owner of a fantastic beard, walks us through how to cook this delicious meal — with some other advice as well. Pineda brings the same attitude to his cooking that One Flew West brings to their music. In fact, they let him chose the dish for the video based on his cooking expertise and beard length alone.

One Flew West’s EP Trial and Error came out in January 2018 and has the “do what we want” attitude that you love to hear from a rock band formed in a Longmont garage. To make sure the song and video went together how the band wanted, they made the video like they made the song — how they wanted to. “The song is all about doing what you want and being yourself so we thought, screw it, let’s do what we want and make a cooking video with one of our best friends.” said band members.

As far as the future for this friend group/ band, they have a fairly stacked set of shows for the summer, including a performance with The Descendents at Mishawaka Amphitheatre on June 9. In addition to their shows, the group plans on getting back into the studio to record some more and may even have a few more surprises up their sleeves.

Check out their concert schedule for the summer and learn more about the band by visiting their website.