The RiNo market hall, Zeppelin Station, is introducing yet another way to travel the world without leaving Denver. The transportation-influenced space will now house the city’s first rotating retail experience, “Made In A City.” Starting last Friday, guests could shop for clothing, jewelry, stationery and housewares from different cities that will take over the retail space for three months at a time. “I want to bring really cool brands here and create a new environment,” said Mathieu Mudie, Head of Retail Experience with Zeppelin. “When you’re in New York and LA, Denver is not usually the next step, so I wanted to make it easy for brands to come here to see how cool it is and the potential here.” It’s Mudie’s way of introducing brands to Denver that might otherwise go undiscovered while creating connections between artisans in Denver and their counterparts across the world.


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First up is Mudie’s home city of Montreal, with pieces that reflect the renewed vitality of Montreal’s design culture while honoring the city’s manufacturing industry past. Every product from the following 12 brands is conceived, designed and produced in Montreal and will debut in Denver for a limited time.

atelier b.

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Photo courtesy of Atelier b website.

The Lowdown: atelier b. is a workshop-boutique in Mile End, Montreal, where a duo of entrepreneurial women carefully create clothing for men, women and kids using natural fibers.

ATELiER make

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The Lowdown: ATELiER make creates small-batch, locally handcrafted goods, from porcelain tableware to intricate paper cutouts, that bring the beauty and pleasure of fine craftsmanship to contemporary daily life.

Baltic Club

Made In A City

Photo courtesy of Baltic Club website.

The Lowdown: Baltic Club is a lifestyle company known for illustrations, stationery and other “paper surprises.”

Blackburn & Raymond

Made In A City

The Lowdown: Blackburn & Raymond is the brainchild of two artisan hat makers based in Montreal who have set out to make the right hat for everyone and every occasion.

Broke & Stoked

Made In A City Denver

 The Lowdown: Broke and Stoked highlights the joys and consequences of living a worry-free life in their dark-humored graphic tees, patches and more.

Electrik Kidz

Made In A City, Zeppelin Station Denver

The Lowdown: Electrik Kidz is an edgy and clever clothing brand specializing in accessories for kids eight years old and younger.

Gabrielle Desmarais

Made In The City, Zeppelin Station

Photo courtesy of Gabrielle Desmarais website.

The Lowdown: Gabrielle Desmarais jewelry integrates alternative and precious materials with traditional craft techniques for a vibrant, modern effect.


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Photos courtesy of L’AUNE on Facebook.

The Lowdown: L’AUNE creates simple, timeless handmade jewelry with carefully chosen vintage gemstones, silver sterling and 14k gold.


Made In The City, Montreal, Denver

The Lowdown: NOW or NEVER has no website, no social media, no specific direction and no restrictions. Rather, the creators propose collections of whatever they have on their minds in very limited runs. What they create once will never be made again, it’s NOW or NEVER.


Made In The City Zeppelin Station Denver

Photo courtesy of Odeyalo website.

The Lowdown: Odeyalo — “blanket” in Russian — creates clothes that feel like pajamas but are classy enough to wear out to a meeting or a brunch with friends.


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The Lowdown: Gabrielle Laïla Tittley, known as PONY, is one of the most talked-about visual artists in Montreal. By combining serious subject matter with colorful and childish visuals, PONY has managed to create an eye-catching, thought-provoking brand.

Wise Men’s Care

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The Lowdown: Wise is Montreal’s original high-quality, eco-conscious men’s personal care product line. Natural and healthy ingredients and cruelty-free testing are at the core of this brand’s philosophy. 

“Made In A City’s” Montreal takeover will run until August 26, daily from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Zeppelin Station is located at 3501 Wazee Street, Denver 80216. For more information, visit the website.  

All photography by Adam Larkey unless otherwise noted.