What happens when you combine a 50-piece masked marching band, an alien costume contest, science fiction burlesque and a sold out theater? You get the otherworldly immersive experience that was the Sci-Fi Freakout with Itchy-O at The Oriental Theater last Saturday.

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The interactive music of Itchy-O is anything but ordinary. Their avant-garde performances won them the title of Best Experimental Band in Denver three years in a row. Even if masked, goth marching bands aren’t your usual jam, it’s nearly impossible not to enjoy yourself when dozens of creepy creatures are darting through the crowd playing heavy and infectious marching band music. Fitting with the science fiction theme, many concert-goers wore costumes or dressed up like their favorite characters. In addition to Sci-Fi themed dress, homemade and thrifted outfits were a common trend among the crowd. Take a look at some of our favorite, out-of-this-world style from the evening.

Olivia Leigh and Patrick Anderson celebrated their 28th Itchy-O concert together. They love Itchy-O because they have the freedom to express themselves at their shows.

Grace Yurich and Adrienne Walker channeled their dark side with clothing from online retailers Killstar and Black Craft.

Karen Katalienich first saw Itchy-O at the Denver County Fair six years ago and has been a fan ever since. She wore a homemade mask that her friend constructed for her.

Jessica Suarez and her friends celebrated their collective birthdays by making homemade cyborg gear merely hours before they entered into the costume contest — they won first place.

Alex Konieczny and Jamie Michael wore homemade alien attire for the costume contest.

Anneke Buys came ready to rock with an outfit made up mostly of thrift store finds and a fanny pack for hands-free dancing.

Cutter Shea donned a pink wig and Isaac Klaus wore a homemade jetpack to complete their spacey looks. “There’s no more fire accessory than the mono-goggle,” said Shea.

Becky Smith and Cody Caldwell looked effortlessly cool in denim and camouflage. Becky dressed up her denim on denim ensemble with earrings she found at a thrift store while Cody was happy to have his jacket to cover up barbecue stains from earlier Cinco de Mayo festivities.

Rosa Knoblock danced the night away at her first Itchy-O concert in a blush-colored tasseled dress.

Muna Lumi dressed up like her favorite black metal band, Carach Angren.

All photography by Kyle Cooper

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