STéLOUSE Talks Denver, Dreams and 303 Music Fest

Photo by Kyle Cooper

As we near closer and closer to 303 Music FestMay 17 at the Church Nightclub — 303 Magazine has had the incredible opportunity to delve deep into the lives of the local artists performing. Amongst these performers, we were lucky enough to snag the renowned STéLOUSE (also known as “StayLoose”) not only to headline the event but to also discuss the Denver music scene and what’s kept him here so long.

When contemplating local artists, the choice to have STéLOUSE perform at our first-ever music event was a no-brainer. Since going solo in 2011, the alternative/electronic producer has amassed striking success in just a handful of years, even receiving support from Bassnectar, Alison Wonderland, Louis The Child and Zed’s Dead. With numerous remixes (such as “R U Mine” and “Horns”) and original songs (like “Sociopath” and “Been So Long”) all achieving millions of plays on Spotify and Soundcloud, there is no doubt that STéLOUSE is cusping on full-fledged stardom as his presence continues to grow in local and national scenes alike.

The self-titled “music maverick” began his career as a guitarist for various rock bands, even receiving a $30,000 award through his former and short-lived band, Boys. Although attempts have been made to place the musician’s sound into a specific style, STéLOUSE holds firm to being a #genrekiller. “I get bored easily, and I am influenced by so many different kinds of music… creativity should be boundless,” the musician shared.

At times, this passion led to a very isolating and lonely reality as the performer lost touch with friends and even his former girlfriend. According to his website, some even thought STéLOUSE had died due to his complete and utter radio silence. “I disappeared off the planet!” the site reads — and if that isn’t passion, we don’t know what is.

Despite his solitude, this isn’t to say that the artist hasn’t explored and fallen in love with his hometown of Denver. “I love the city, the vibe and the sunsets. I also love having fast access to the mountains and having seasons change,” he explained. “I grew up playing in bands in the Denver circuit — I’ve seen it change a lot and in a lot of ways remain the same, too. There’s definitely a couple particular sounds that do insanely well in Colorado.” Understandably, these little delights have kept the producer here in the Mile High city for the past couple of years, but lately, the artist has been dreaming bigger and farther. When asked about some of his future aspirations, the performer listed, “Headlining a show at Red Rocks, playing a sunset slot on the main stage at Coachella [and] building a studio in an old church. Absolutely.

Before he constructs in a church, make sure you see him perform in one, as he headlines 303 Music Fest in less than a month. “Playing a live set in the Church Nightclub will be cool,” he said. “I’ve only DJ’d there once a year ago in the downstairs room for the Boiler Room stream.” Although he won’t disclose what they are, expect some surprises because, well, it’s STéLOUSE.

Tickets and more information on 303 Music Fest can be found here.

Photo by Kyle Cooper

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