Hands down, one of the best bands kicking up dust around town these days is Green Hit. The group has, in the past, catered to the almost formulaic sounds that are sure to please a Denver crowd. Now, the band is moving into different areas of expertise, evolving their sound as well as some personnel around to truly get into their most natural of grooves. The group pops up in the Denver/Boulder area on a regular basis and will be jamming at Tennyson’s Tap in The North Highlands on March 24 along with other local acts, Sun-Dried Nanners and The Snuggles, the latter of which just released a new album in February, Fish in the Sea.

Like other bands that tend to make it inside the parameters of these genres, Green Hit cites their inspiration as coming from genuine intrigue and curiosity in multiple genres and the willingness to step outside the typical barriers of what constitutes a song. The band (as we know it) got its beginnings when bassist Tony Wirkus relocated to the Mile High, after technically starting and disbanding the group in Florida. Wirkus met Collin Jones in 2015 and ever since the two have been on a musical journey, a journey they are now joined on with their newest member, drummer Shelton Summersgill. “[Summersgill] is a multi-instrumentalist with a large catalog of incredible solo music and brings lots of originality and energy to the band,” explained Wirkus on the revolution of their sound. “While I would never consider us a jam band, improv has become a big and special part of our music.”

The improv is guaranteed to be showcased at the March 24 show. “I’m excited to hear where the improv goes that night,” Wirkus continues. “I think Denver is a great spot for Green Hit. The people really seem  to appreciate originality.” Although, the new approach to their live shows is not the only change they are making in 2018. The band has committed to posting videos of their performances on their social media, so the vibes of their live gigs can be witnessed from afar. “We have a generator that we want to get some use out of this summer by setting up free concerts in random places,” expanded Wirkus on 2018 improvements. “An EP is definitely in the near future as well.”

“The band has a completely different feeling,” elaborated Wirkus. When we get together it’s less about working on things and more about just hanging out and trying new stuff. It doesn’t feel like practice. This new dynamic has benefited the music greatly.”

The upcoming show at Tennyson’s Tap is the last the group has on its agenda for the time being, so it will be well worth the small $5 cover to attend. For those who are not acquainted with Tennyson’s Tap, also known as the “most raucous party on Tennyson Street” (per their website), it is time to become so. The venue is committed to showcasing local music acts along with quality adult beverages and an exciting atmosphere. The schedule they boast includes almost daily activities ranging from music, karaoke, comedy nights, painting and professional game watching spectacles. They even feature a “study hall” discount of $2 Bud Lites all day with proof of a student I.D.

Green Hit has never performed at Tennyson’s Tap, but first-time events are always a call for excitement. “I’m stoked to play Tennyson’s Tap,” said Summersgill enthusiastically. “2018 is the year for Denver’s newest improv group.”

While Green Hit’s music can be easily streamed here, their live shows are where the passion and energy will truly come to light. The band has performed all over town at Denver’s hypest venues and events for local acts, such as Globe Hall, Larimer Lounge, Tony P’s, The Walnut Room and at Cervantes’ Monday Night Menagerie, which always the right amount of awesome and weird.

The other acts on the bill, including the Sun-Dried Nanners, consist of other local musicians AJ Silverberg, Joel Doerer, Rick Smith and Dan Sunday. The Snuggles are made up of Tony Shulte, Ashley Authement, Matt Gonzales and Kevin Oster.

The show starts at 9 p.m. and has a $5 entry cover.