It’s the second month of the new year and Denver’s music scene is churning out new music you won’t want to miss out on. EDM, hard rock, alt-pop, hip-hop and more encapsulate what Denver locals have produced and released this month. Local rapper Sidmfkid just dropped a genre-bending new song and new artists like 500 Year Flood and Tana Victoria are making their way into Denver’s music scene. Check out and add these latest releases to your February playlists.

5 Up-and-Coming Local Artists


Photo courtesy of bellhoss on Facebook.

If you need some moody and melancholy music in your life, bellhoss can provide you with exactly that. She describes her style as, “indie, sadcore, space folk” which may sound like a lot of weird combinations but perfectly encapsulates her sound. You’ll find a lot of acoustic guitar and slow tempos in her work, but what sets her apart is her hauntingly delicate voice. It’s a perfect combination of sadness, somber tones and hints of Alanis Morissette. Find her music here.

Tyler Imbrey’s Ghost Revue

Photo courtesy of Tyler Imbrey’s Ghost Revue on Facebook.

Tyler Imbrey’s Ghost Revue is five-piece American rock band based in Denver. Lead singer Tyler Imbrey’s unique vocals combined with the band’s instrumentals give you the sounds you expect from a rock band with deep and meaningful lyrics. The band is known for their killer live performances and have sold out shows at The Walnut Room and Lost Lake Lounge. Find out more about the band and see where they’ll be performing at next here.

500 Year Flood

Photo courtesy of 500 Year Flood on Facebook.

500 Year Flood is an alternative and soul duo based in Denver. The band draws you in with lead singer, Kay-Kay Filizzola’s soulful and edgy vocals, and they keep you interested with guitarist, Fili Filizzola’s funky and groovy guitar licks. The duo sounds just as good live as they do recorded, so you won’t want to sleep on their unique new sound. Find them here.

Instant Empire

Photo courtesy of Instant Empire on Facebook.

Instant Empire is an indie rock band from Denver. The band released their sophomore album, Last of the Lovers last August and it shows the growth of the band over the last year. Their newest music is darker and more intimate than their previous releases and has the tinge and grit of indie rock while still striving to find light and beauty in the little moments of life. Find them here.

Tana Victoria

Photo courtesy of Tana Victoria on Facebook.

If you’re into ’80s dance sounds then you’ll definitely want to listen to Tana Victoria. At the core, Tana’s sound is electronic and synth-heavy. Her haunting and soft voice with layered beats will give you throwback vibes to Depeche Mode. Find her unique sound here.

5 New Local Music Videos

Swank Sinatra —”On”

Swank Sinatra’s latest music video is full of eye-catching visuals, bright and flashy colors and beautiful Denver scenery. “On” focuses on showing up haters and repping the place you came from, which is what Swank does throughout the video showcasing stylish threads and the beautiful street art throughout Denver neighborhoods.  Find more of his music here.

Television Generation —”Whatever”


Television Generation is an angsty rock band from Denver. If you’ve ever been a moody teenager or person, in general, then you’ll relate to the ‘whatever’ attitude in this lyric video. You’ll see and hear vicious guitar riffs from a guitarist with a television head made from a cardboard box grace your screen. Simultaneously, you’ll see apathetic lyrics about doing what you want and not caring about what other’s think get aggressively written across notebook papers, car windows and phone screens. Find more of their music here.

Doze —”Outside”

The video for Doze’s latest song “Outside” visually shows what it’s like feeling like an outsider looking into what’s happening in your own world and life. Halfway through the video the tempo of the song changes and with it, Doze’s lyrics shift from external to internal. We come to see Doze being conflicted but still thriving in his art. Check out his music here.

In The Variant —”Spectre”

In The Variant’s video for the song, “Spectre” tells the crude story of a man getting haunted by the ghosts of the women he’s murdered. The dark content of the video paired with the heavy and distorted guitars of the song creates a video that turns into a horror story.  Find more about the band here. 

Two Faces West—”Hypnotized”

Two Faces West is an electric, funk and blues-styled band based in Denver. Their song “Hypnotized” is about swooning a lucky girl with magical charm. In the video, you see a live performance of the band performing the song, and you’ll notice — as the tempo changes the crowd and band both feed off of each other’s energies to create upbeat and energetic visuals. Find more of their music here.

Five New Local Songs

Sidmfkid —”Can’t Be Friends”

Photo courtesy of Sidmfkid.

Sidmfkid’s first release of the year is unlike anything you’ve heard from him previously. If you’re in need of some moody and different breakup music then add this to your playlist. Unlike his heavy hip-hop beats in previous songs, Sidmfkid did a 180 and incorporated slower beats and somber piano to create a sad and savage heartbreak song. If you need a comparison think: Lil Peep and emo trap. Find the song here.

Vermillion Road —”Only One”

Photo courtesy of Vermillion Road on Facebook.

Vermillion Road just made the leap from hard-rock to an alt-pop band. The latest release “Only One” marks their first since switching genres. This song still has rock elements from the guitars and drums but the vocal melodies and electronic beats create a more upbeat and softer new sound. Check out their latest song here.

Claygo —”What We Really Need”

Photo courtesy of Claygo on Facebook.

Claygo is a socially conscious rapper from Denver. His latest single, “What We Really Need” highlights the rapper’s smooth and crisp flow on top of unique beats and production. The song focuses on the greed and money hungry society we live in and the rapper questions if all of the money in the world is what we really need or if there is something else to be chased? Find the song here, and find the rest of the album here.

Said the Sky ft. FRND —”Faded”

Photo courtesy of Said The Sky on Facebook.

Said The Sky is an electronic and dance artist from Denver. “Faded” is fast, dancey and energetic but don’t let the beats fool you. Though the production and melodies sound uplifting and happy, the lyrics tell the story of getting faded to forget and get over that one person that broke our hearts. Check out the song here.

Shark Fin Soup —”Gudetama”

Photo courtesy of Shark Fin Soup on Facebook.

Shark Fin Soup is an alternative rock and funk band based in Boulder. The vocals are very surf rock-esque and the instrumentals will get you sway to the beat of their latest song. This is the perfect song to lay back and get stoned to on a sunny day with subtle trumpets, soft piano and delicate guitar and drums. Find their song here.