As the fall season starts to settle in, Denver musicians are still continuing to church out fresh new music. This month we have created a guide to new music in Denver’s growing local music scene. Find new songs from Denver locals, new underground artists to check out and dope new music videos that have recently been released. Instead of the high energy and upbeat tracks that Denver locals released during the summer months, these recent releases are full of moody, more mellow and down to earth songs. Stay up to date with Denver’s talented music scene with our guide below.

Five Up-and-Coming Local Artists

Ghost Tapes

Photo courtesy of Ghost Tapes on Facebook.

Ghost Tapes is a modern soul band based in Denver. Their sound is unique to the Denver music scene by delivering what they call, “cerebral and poetic” music which comes from the intriguing lyrics and vocalist Stella Nursery’s melodic voice. Ghost Tapes’ music is inspired by the elements of ’70s funk and soul, ’90s hip-hop and late ’90s neo-soul. Listen to their originality and judge for yourself here.

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Photo courtesy of Cocordion on Facebook.

Cocordion is an indie rock band from Colorado Springs. The three-piece band recently dropped their first full-length release as a band entitled “Expectations.” The band told 303 Magazine that their recently released album features topics including our country’s current political landscape, social dissociation with the natural world through consumerism and policy, date-rape drugs, simplicity as an escape tactic from society and isolation. If exploring social constructions of music is your thing then this band is definitely one you should check out.

Jesse R.S.

Photo courtesy of Jesse R.S. on Facebook.

Jesse R.S. is a Denver-based rock ‘n’ roll band. They focus on music as a form of storytelling and songwriting. What makes this band unique to the rock scene and especially the rock scene in Denver is that they use instrumentations other than the usual guitar, bass, rhythm and drums. Jesse R.S. features instruments like saxophone, clarinet, ukulele and Irish whistle to bring a unique musical blend to today’s rock scene.

Bitter Suns

Photo courtesy of Bitter Suns on Facebook.

Bitter Suns is a surf, garage punk band from the suburbs of Fort Collins. In the write up to 303 Magazine the band described themselves as “a surfy version of the band Minor Threat that has a pop-punk love child with The Strokes.” Their music is melodic, but at the same time delivers an appropriately energetic, heavy and raw aura.


Photo courtesy of VYNYL on Facebook.

VYNYL is an alt-pop band based in Denver. The band came together with the common goal to create meaningful music like the kind you would seek out and purchase on vinyl – hence the band name. The band combines instrumentation of an alt-rock band like drums and electric guitars but also combines the synths and production distortions of pop music. Check out their unique sound here.

Five New Local Music Videos

Ryan Chrys & The Rough Cuts – “Killer”

“Killer” is the prime example of a country music video. There’s cowboy hats, dirt shovelling and jabs at pop-country. Throughout the video, you wonder who the killer is and who they are killing, but it becomes apparent by the end that the killer is outlaw country music and they are preying on the pop-country genre.

Brent Cowles – “Cold Times”

“Cold Times” is a feel good and optimistic music video. The Colorado scenery shines through throughout the music video as Brent Cowles is travelling day and night to get where he’s meant to be literally and where he’s meant to be in the grander scheme of his life. The simple music video leaves you feeling like no matter what life throws at you, you have to roll with the times and continue to fight for what you want in these ‘cold times.’

Flobots – “Quarantine”

If you thought the music video for Flobots’s song, “Quarantine,” was reminiscent of a 1980s cartoon – you were right. The music video uses footage from the 1988 classic Anime film “Akira.” The video and song explore the themes of a clash for power in society. Their idea seems to say that all of our monsters and heroes are homemade, which ultimately will result in children being the ones who will have to pay the price.

Claraty – “Shamanista”

“Shaminista” is a sporadically shot music video that explores existentialism and spirituality. The video uses spiritual symbols, plays with colored lighting and close-ups on artist Claraty to convey different themes including following your own path, remaining patient and transcending into your highest form of self.

The Yawpers – “Reunion”

The Yawpers just released a new concept album and with it, a music video for “Reunion.” The track is the last song on the new album, Boy in a Well. The album itself tells the story of a young mother who abandons her child, all set in France during World War I. Spoiler Alert — At this song’s point in the album, all of the main characters have died. Lead singer of The Yawpers, Nate Cook said, “Every major character is dead, and their bones are piled on top of one another at the bottom of the titular well. Thus, reunion. To counterbalance the gravity of the subject matter, we skewed pop, and tried to have comparatively lush production.” To film the video, the band held an open call for extras who wanted to be in the video. Check it out above, but beware of sensitive subject matter.

Five New Local Songs

Suffers Beats – “More Than Just Sound”

Photo courtesy of Suffers Beats on Instagram.

Suffers Beats is a local DJ in the Denver area. His music style is focused on combing hip-hop, EDM and psychedelic bass music. The song “More than Just Sound” combines the intricacies of traditional EDM music like catchy beats, simple and repetitive bass lines and the gradual building of snares, bass and distortions. If you enjoy EDM that focuses more on production and beat patterns instead of lyrical intricacies and melodies then this is the song for you. Listen to the song here.

Mitchel Evan – “Back & Forth”

Photo courtesy of Mitchel Evan on Facebook.

Mitchel Evan is a folk singer and songwriter based in Denver. Like the title suggests, “Back & Forth” is a song that tells a coming of age story that plays with the themes of life transitions, fighting the odds when they are stacked against you and the importance of personal relationships. The song also mixes between different genres including folk, blues and country. Listen to the song here.

Tony Goffredi – “Broken Glass”

Photo courtesy of Tony Goffredi on Facebook.

If you enjoy getting in your feelings to indie music than the song “Broken Glass” is perfect for you this fall. In the song, Denver artist Tony Goffredi uses his powerful voice combined only with an acoustic guitar to convey the feelings of what its like to deal with heartache and personal anguish. If you can relate losing someone that kept you and your life on track then you’ll definitely find comfort in this song. Listen to the song on Spotify here.

OptycNerd – “PM AM”

Photo courtesy of OptycNerd on Facebook.

Even though OptycNerd’s latest release in more laid back, it still gives you all you want from an EDM song. The song “PM AM” combines delicate male melodies and flows with the usual production heavy and smooth beats that come from any good EDM song. The transitions throughout the song are smooth and catchy which makes it a perfect song for a chill night with your friends. Listen to OptycNerd’s collaboration with another Denver artist Play Pat song here.

Kyle Emerson – “Dorthy Alice”

Photo courtesy of Kyle Emerson on Facebook.

“Dorthy Alice” is a simple and sad song about dealing with the loss of someone you love. The folk song uses Kyle Emerson’s folky voice and simple instrumentals to create a catchy song that conveys the complexities that come with loss. The lines, ‘I don’t want to feel this shit right now’ perfectly sum up what it’s like to go through mourning, but the slow and upbeat instruments create a mood of acceptance and moving on. Listen to the song here.

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