Colorado is no stranger to beautiful sunsets. Whether it’s because of the mountains, pollution or a Broncos win (or in this case, loss) the Centennial State is lucky to have a sky that comes alive as soon as the sun settles. But if you witnessed last night’s event, you know it was particularly wonderful. Huge pillowy clouds were to blame for the spectacular alpenglow that set the sky ablaze. Shades of amber and vibrant orange gave way to magnificent magenta before a soft gray crept in, stealing the last wisps of light from the sky. If you saw it, it’s likely it is emblazoned in your memory and won’t be fading anytime soon. For those of you that missed it, don’t worry. We scrolled through hundreds of photos and asked all of our friends to send us the best images of last night’s sky so you can get a piece of it too.

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Photo by Micas Mathis of And Two Were Tamed (IG: @andtwoweretamed)

Photo by Micas Mathis of And Two Were Tamed (IG: @andtwoweretamed)

Wash Park. Photo by Jeff Balmes Photography (IG: @jeff_e_bee)

Elitch Gardens. Photo by Tony Mason

Sloan’s Lake. Photo by JV Photography.

Colorado Springs. Photo by Lars Leber (

Photo by Darian Simon.

Westminster. Photo by Blake Rubenstein.

Sunset from Lookout Mountain. Photo by Ryan Kost at

Estes Park. Photo by shanna m. photography (

Photo by Ryan Dravitz Photography.

Photo by Julie Dye.

Parker. Photo by Sara Arias Photography.

BONUS: This morning’s sunrise

Sunrise from Lookout Mountain. Photo by Ryan Kost at