On Friday, October 6, the Sie FilmCenter is putting together a curious double feature package for its upcoming Scream Screen. Sie is combining George A. Romero’s Creepshow with a special pre-film performance by Denver-based, experimental electronic duo church fire. Creepshow, originally released in 1982, will be shown in crystal clear formatting — thanks to 4K restoration — and presented on 35mm film. Theresa Mercado, host and curator of Scream Screen Sie FilmCenter told 303 Magazine that Sie is one of two theaters in Denver with the ability to play movies on actual film, which, unfortunately, is a dying art.

Scream Screen will take place each weekend throughout the month of October, paying homage to George Romero, who passed away this summer. While he’s best known for his zombie movies (Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, Land of the Dead, etc.), this year’s annual Scream Screen will be showcasing The Non-Zom Horror Films of George A. Romero. For the full list of upcoming Scream Screen film and music pairings, check out their site here.

Mercado took some time to talk to 303 about how she chose to pair Romero’s films with specific local bands in order to compliment one another’s aesthetic. She posed the valid question, “Why go to the theater to see a movie you’ve seen a million times unless there’s something additional to enjoy?” The addition of a pre-show concert spices things up a bit. Mercado described John Harrison’s famous Creepshow soundtrack, and how it was an easy decision to bring on church fire to open the film.

“They’re just so outrageous and absurd. Church fire is the perfect fit to go along with that same energy of Creepshow. They play quick sets, bringing so much fucking energy into a short period of time.” – Mercado

Mercado thinks church fire is the perfect band to “wake people up before a 10 p.m. movie that they’ve [probably] already seen before.” And the icing on the cake is church fire’s amazing costuming. Mercado always encourages people to come dressed up (she always dresses up).

This American black-comedy horror anthology was Stephen King’s screenwriting debut, consisting of five short films — Father’s Day, The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verrill, Something to Tide You Over, The Crate and They’re Creeping Up on You!  The Creepshow formatting is a nod to the EC and DC horror comic-books from the 1950s, like Tales From The Crypt. That comic book vibe is visually interpreted through Tom Savini’s awesome effects, which were quite impressive for that time period. Costumes and comics and horror, oh my!

This righteous ’80s throwback will be supremely enhanced by church fire’s ultra weird and — at times — borderline terrifying brand of “primal therapy.” Their blend of electronic beats and deranged vocals will kick off the evening right, leaving you a bit stunned, shaken and exhilarated for the film. Band members Shannon Webber and David Samuelson team up to create a dramatic music force that you can only begin to understand after seeing church fire perform live.

Webber and Samuelson of church fire told 303 that they’re, “preparing a special set of all new material inspired by the five Creepshow short stories” — and they won’t be playing your typical church fire set. They’re “honored to work with Theresa Mercado, whose creativity and dedication make Scream Screen a fantastic experience.” Church fire is also excited for the opportunity to do something unique with their own music and performance at this fabulous event — and you should be too.

In addition to music and movies, Scream Screen will be giving away free posters, designed by local artist Heather Reynolds, and selling custom enamel Romero buttons — plus tons of other giveaways. The Scream Screen series has also collaborated with Fallen Owl Tattoo, who will be offering a special Romero flash-tattoo sheet of five images during the month of October, one from each film in the series, plus one of Romero, himself.

Tickets are available here.