4 Awesome Music Videos By Denver Artists You Should Watch

Photo courtesy of Silver And Smoke on Facebook.

Have you ever wondered how some of your favorite songs would be turned into music videos? If you answered yes, then we have just the right thing for you. These four local musicians and bands have recently released music videos — so now you have an inside look into how these artists wanted to portray their music through visuals.

Compass & Cavern – “Good Enough”

Most of us can relate to someone we know dating someone that he or she doesn’t deserve. And this video tells that story. As the trio perform their song “Good Enough” in a distant field, the characters of the video go through the ups and downs of seeing someone they care for end up with someone that isn’t good enough for them. Drama unwinds in the video as a fist fight erupts, and the main character is left wondering in the end, if he is actually the one that isn’t good enough for the girl he’s been trying to look out for.

Claygo – “Til Infinity”

Claygo’s video for his song “Til Infinity” combines simplicity and creativity. The simplicity of the video comes from it being shot in only black and white, which gives off a sleek and refined ambiance throughout the video. And the creativity comes into play through sporadic camera angles, from distant shots, to profile shots and close-ups. The video also uses shadows and flashing lights to create an energetic and slick mood to portray the theme of success and sticking to your passion despite darkness trying to bring you down.

Treehouse Sanctum – “Play It Cool”

Portrayed through dance, this video captures the chaos that comes with overthinking things. The main character of the video goes through a daily routine of waking up and getting dressed. She’s swiftly dancing around trying on every outfit she has, which has her being pushed and pulled between chaos and tranquility. Sometimes even in the most stressful situations you have to learn how to “play it cool,” and that’s what we see happen in the final seconds of the video. Even when things aren’t meant to happen the way they do, like the dancer sliding into the mirror at the end of the video, sometimes you have to laugh it off and go with the flow.

Silver And Smoke – “Crooked Road”

Silver And Sun are a western rock group whose latest video uses comedy to depict transitions in life and the power of dedication and passion. The video begins with the band joking around, acting immature and carefree. We later see the transition of the band from young, silly dudes to more professional, polished musicians. Though the song is about tireless passion for music, they don’t seem to lose their creativity or spunk because, at the end of the video, the more matured version of the band is seen smiling and goofing off like they were in the beginning.

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