This past Friday, Cuvée hosted its annual charity event Flight to Luxury. The event aimed to raise $1.7 million for the Boys & Girls Club Metro Denver. Luxurious cars and planes lined the red carpet walkway, leading to an open hangar where a live DJ was playing hit songs that had everyone dancing along to. And while the fashion show, live and silent auction — not to mention Peyton Manning throwing some footballs into the crowd — had everyone’s attention, it was the guests of the night that were the real head turners. The ladies and gentlemen of Flight to Luxury dressed to impress. Here are some of our favorite looks from the glamorous and extravagant evening.

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Best Dressed

From professional athletes to classic beauties, the guests of Flight to Luxury showed us what it means to dress to impress. There was no shortage of floor-length gowns and button-up suits. And they all looked damn good too.

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Appearance From Peyton Manning

The former Broncos quarterback came out of retirement to throw some autographed footballs into the crowd. And yes, he’s still got it.

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The Cars

From Lamborghinis to Ferraris to a 1924 Cadillac — the luxurious cars of Flight to Luxury stole the show. Guests were treated to cars of every shape, color and year as they walked the red carpet, taking pictures of the cars, in front of the cars and some, even inside the cars.

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The Fashion Show

Flight to Luxury’s fashion show featured local designers and boutiques to finish the evening. Elegant ball gowns and fashion-forward clothes graced the runway, ending the night in the most extravagant and stylish way possible.

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Photography by Jacek Jarzabek.