Pulling into Red Rocks last night was probably the least chaotic experience at the venue this entire summer. Just a half-hour before the live “intimate” show — sorry, “Fucked Up Evening with The Trailer Park Boys Tour” began, the Red Rocks parking lots had many unoccupied spaces and the reserved seating had hardly been filled. Who was to blame? Certainly not the show itself, which created a massive cult following since the inception in 2001, resulting in 10 seasons, 55 episodes, two specials and two films.

Trailer Park Boys

Photo courtesy of Trailer Park Boys on Facebook.

No, the real mystery was what a live performance of this show would entail. Anyone who watched the mockumentary knows that the plot relies heavily on the fact that none of the characters have much of a life outside of Sunnyvale Trailer Park, the community in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia that Ricky, Julian, Bubbles, Randy and Mr. Lahey affectionately call home. Aside from prison, rarely anyone makes it out alive.

However, while the concept of a live viewing of the ritualistic shenanigans that the three leading men get involved in may have been difficult for the average audience member to visualize, the actors (and producers of the second wave seasons of the series) dreamt up over three hours of classic Canadian tom-foolery to take place right at our very own Red Rocks. The initial concept of the performance revolved around a Bubbles variety hour type show that, you guessed it, eventually became derailed by arguments amongst the group. Once Jim Lahey, everyone’s favorite trailer park supervisor, and his boy toy, Randy Bobandy, showed up, all hell broke loose on the plans for the evening.

Before the show began, the cameras panned over fans who were rocking the wildest Trailer Park Boys themed accessories imaginable. From “I am the liquor” tees to fully decked out Ricky, Julian and even Lucy costumes, the audience showed up to support their favorite degenerates. The performance started with silhouettes of the five main characters smoking, drinking and dancing behind a large screen on the center stage. Soon into the segment, the two sides are reminded of how much they hate the other and are forced into a set of competitions to decide who will leave the show – and the trailer park – forever.

The boys battled in round after round of taking turns winning and losing resulting in multiple deadlocks and tiebreakers, which was all tied together with the ravenously inappropriate language and crude humor that any fan should have expected. The competitions called for multiple participants from the crowd for a sing-a-long and activities resembling Family Feud, Charades and Bingo. The latter game entailed the prize of Ricky’s personal bong, his rolling papers and an invitation to join the Trailer Park Boys backstage for “liquor drinks” to a very lucky four-corners winner.

“Listen to the Red Rocks whispering winds of shit, Randy,” demanded a drunk Lahey, staring off into the laughing crowd as he delivered one of his beloved shit-isms.

True to the structure of the Trailer Park Boys episodes, eventually Bubbles grew tired of the fighting and bickering and retreated backstage, criticizing the others for inability to get along, even for the fun-packed night he had planned. The group agreed to apologize, and Bubbles returned in all his glory, decked in a Western get-up to perform his newest song, “Who’s Got Your Belly,” which came with a Belly Cam. What, do you ask, is a Belly Cam? Similar to a Kiss Cam, the Belly Cam scanned the crowd of Red Rocks searching for exposed bellies. Once the belly had been spotted, the surrounding attendees were encouraged to rub their neighbor’s belly. The segment was as adorable and gut-wrenchingly hilarious as Bubbles himself.

The performance proved worthwhile within the first few seconds of the initial jokes and remained consistent with the Netflix treasure throughout the entire night. Surely any of the die-hard fans seen in the houndstooth button ups paired with track pants at the show would say that the concept of Sunnyvale’s biggest villains/entrepreneurs/dope heads/bottle throwing enthusiasts is alive and well. We can’t wait for the new season, coming in 2018.