Last weekend, Denver’s RiNo district lit up, when the first Velorama Festival came to town. The three-day street party celebrated the Colorado Classic bike race with booze, food trucks and music from acts like Wilco and Death Cab for Cutie. Just when we thought it was over, more than 200 makers and retailers descended on the event, bringing Denver Flea’s “Super Flea” to the party. We went to the festival armed with our gear to capture the best fashion moments.

“My outfit is a mix of boho and just really easygoing,” said Brielle Layman, owner of Agave and Stone.

Amanda Pehrson complemented her romper from Urban Outfitters with some custom-made jewelry and rose gold Birkenstocks.

The Midnight Club bandmates had irresistible style.

“My dress is from Palm Springs, but I thought the combination with the boots was very Austin-esque. We’ve seen Wilco a bunch of times there,” said Alicia Economos.

Perri Polase got creative with some bargain finds from Amazon and Nordstrom Rack to put together her summery style.

Ashley Speicher hunted the racks until she found the perfect look at Forever 21.

Brian Bergeler brought neon heat to the party, with glowing socks from Primal Wear. His wife, April boldly paired yellow Chucks with the lemony dress she found at a boutique.

Ann Sookswat paired her feminine, flowy dress with an unexpected twist, a baseball cap.

Erika Strayhan’s Etsy hat was the perfect accessory on a scorching Saturday afternoon.

“I just like to throw things together that sometimes don’t feel like they fit, and make them work,” explained Charla Bultman, bag designer for Winter Session.

All photography by Alden Bonecutter and Brittany Werges. Go here to see more photos from Velorama.