There’s no doubt that Denver hip-hop is ready for the limelight. The diverse scene is filled with talent, which local promoters Roux Black Consulting and Adult Ent® are certainly aware of. The two organizations are bringing indie Denver hip-hop, and much more with them to northern Colorado’s stunning Mishawaka Amphitheatre this Friday night, August 25.

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Coined “The Trip,” the Mishawaka (sometimes called “The Mish”) show will feature a headlining performance by Boston’s Cousin Stizz as well as New York’s Jay Critch. But don’t let those headlining artist’s homelands fool you — there’s a total of 15 performers scheduled and the remaining 13 are Denver acts including Kearney Ganng, SUR ELLZ, Future Heroes, YaSi, Ryan Alan, Trayce Chapman, Pries and more.

Ru Johnson. Photo by Danielle Webster.

Ru Johnson, CEO of Roux Black Productions, teamed up with Dani Grant — the owner and general manager of Mishawaka Amphitheatre — to expand the venues’ musical boundaries. “I’ve known Dani Grant for a while with our advocacy work on the Denver Music Summit,” Johnson said. “It was a natural progression to create an opportunity for hip-hop at this beautiful outdoor venue.” Grant added, “Our patrons need to be offered a diverse lineup that engages a large swath of the live music fan demographic.” And that’s exactly what they’re doing with “The Trip.”

“The Mishawaka belongs to all ages of fans and all flavors of music, this show with Cousin Stizz marks a strong investment in the hip-hop scene which I believe will continue to grow if it is nurtured.” — Dani Grant, owner and general manager of Mishawaka Amphitheatre

The event isn’t just an opportunity for both Johnson and Grant, it’s an opportunity for the performers as well. Ryan Alan, Denver hip-hop and R&B artist said, “I think it’s important to bring homegrown talent to The Mish because for a lot of us, it’s our biggest stage performance; our first amphitheatre experience — which is a milestone and also an excellent addition to my personal performance resume.” Local R&B vocalist YaSi added, “The Trip is putting together an experience for both the artists and fans of music with local and national talent.”


Future Heroes. Photo by Danielle Webster.

Mishawaka Amphitheatre’s summer schedule is jam-packed with shows like EOTO, Trevor Hall, The California Honeydrops, Random Rab, Explosions in the Sky and more. But this is easily the most diverse ticket on the 2017 lineup. Pastor Pines, the Creative Director of Adult Ent®, stated, “It’s a short voyage to the Mishawaka Amphitheatre and it’s the first hip-hop festival of its kind at the venue.” The venue is situated just under two-hours north of Denver and nestled in the Poudre Canyon. Being a bit of a drive from Denver, the organizers put together a VIP package which includes a ride to Mishawaka from the Mile High through Bus-to-Show. The Trip claims it will be a festival-style experience with a couple surprises in store. Between all of that, the gorgeous venue and local music, we’re excited to check it out.

“The Trip” at Mishawaka Amphitheatre is this Friday, August 25 at 6 p.m. Tickets start at $35 and are available here.

Note – 303 Magazine is a media partner of The Trip at Mishawaka Amphitheatre.