10 Fresh Songs by Denver Locals for Your Summer Playlist

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Trent Campbell of TNERTLE

July is upon us and that means you need new music to get down to for the summer. What better way to expand your summer playlists than with tracks from the multitude of talented artists from and around Denver?

Note – Not all artists listed below have Soundcloud and thus are not all featured in the above playlist. We’ve included a link under each artist to check them out individually on various platforms. The artist not on the playlist is Hang Rounders.

TNERTLE – “Clouds” & “Dope”

Photo by Kyle Cooper.

“Clouds” just dropped leading up to the release of TNERTLE’S upcoming EP. With its heavy electronic beats, hip-hop samples and techno-influenced brass production, you’ll definitely feel like you’re taking a trip to the clouds. Check out the spacey song here. You can also find the exclusive release of “Dope” streaming on 303 Magazine here.

Ray Reed – “Pacman” 

Photo by Alden Bonecutter.

Ray Reed dropped hist newest album, Pacman, less than a month ago and it’s full of bangers perfect for pregaming your summer nights out. The title track “Pacman” pulls you in with its unique trance production but keeps you listening with Reed’s catchy bars and flow. Listen to “Pacman” and the rest of the album here.

Hang Rounders – “Wyoming”

Photo courtesy of Hang Rounders’ Facebook.

The Hang Rounders’ latest release “Wyoming” is perfect for anyone who loves taking a nice cruise on a warm summer day. The five-piece band combines classic country themes to their song including upbeat keys, twangy banjo and guitar instrumentals and the signature honky-tonk drawl in the vocals. Listen to the song here.

RUMTUM – “Coastal Hustle”

Photo courtesy of McKenzie Coyle.

If you’re missing the ocean while you’re landlocked in Denver then take a trip to the coast with RUMTUM’s latest track. His latest song mixes coastal drums with synthesized electronic and moody beats that rise and fall like waves on a cloudy summer afternoon. Check out the song here.


Photo courtesy of SIXXXD’s Soundcloud.

SIXXXD is a master on the turntables which has led to her mixing and producing songs that will keep your booty shaking and raging all summer. Her latest mix “MIXXXH” is 23 minutes of hit after hit. Her transitions are effortless as she moves the beats from r&b to rap, to distorted electronic samples. Listen to it here.

The Velveteers – “This Love Lasted”

Photo courtesy of The Velveteers Facebook.

The Velveteers are an indie-rock band from Boulder who released “This Love Lasted” a little more than a week ago. Unlike the heavier and darker riffs and sounds of their previously released music, “This Love Lasted” takes a softer side for the band. Singer, Demi Demitro’s voice is so hauntingly soft and pure that when it’s combined with the subtle repetitive guitar the love song takes on the vibe of an eerie and tragic love story. Check out the song here.

Kayla Rae – My Side of the Story EP

Photo courtesy of Kayla Rae’s Facebook.

Kayla Rae’s latest EP, My Side of Our Story, dropped less than a month ago, and it is full of songs about love and heartache. “Self Control,” stands out from the other tracks because of its electronic production accompanied by Rae’s sultry voice. Throughout the song she shows off her unique singing style by beginning with soft melodies and then she surprises you with emotionally belted out lyrics to show her frustrations with love. Check out the song and EP here.

jilly.fm – “jw”

Photo courtesy of jilly.fm’s Twitter.

jilly.fm is a singer, DJ and producer based in Denver, and she just released a four-song EP titled, bedrooms. The song “jw” is one of the standout tracks from the EP because of the soft layers that she combines on top of bass-heavy beats. The song begins slowly with soft production and continues to build with different samples and beats until a conversation between two distorted voices talking about partying cuts in and finishes out the song. Check out the song and EP here.

Danae Simone – “Only One”

Photo courtesy of Danae Simone’s Facebook.

Danae Simone is an r&b artist from Denver who just released an EP titled MySelfieLife. “Only You” is a combination of Simone’s lower register vocal range, soft piano and upbeat production. Throughout the song, she uses her emotional voice to showcase the reality of heartbreak. Check out the song here.

Jay Triiiple – “Damage”

Photo courtesy of Jay Triiiple’s Facebook.

Jay Triiiple is a Denver-based MC and rapper, and she just released an album titled Who’s Triiiple that is full of dope beats and creative storytelling. One of the standout tracks from the album is “Damage.” The song combines experimental production with emotional and vulnerable lyrics expressing her insecurities and anxieties. Check out “Damage”  and the rest of the album here.


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