Each season, Denver Fashion Weekend (DFW) brings some of the best local designers and boutiques to the DFW runway. Both new and old, the local talent showcases some of its designs with unique and creative style. This year, the DaVinci Exhibit & DFW Summer ’17 Fashion Show is bringing a new and local boutique to the runway. Britni Jensen is the owner Inspyre Boutique – an affordable boutique located throughout Denver.

303 Magazine sat down with the Denver native before her DFW debut to talk about her love for Denver, being a small boutique owner and of course – fashion.

All Photography Courtesy of Inspyre Boutique

303 Magazine: How did Inspyre Boutique begin?

Britni Jensen: Inspyre began when I graduated with my MBA and was tired of the grind of working for someone else and the bureaucracy. I thought about my favorite job and that was working in the retail world and buying. I wanted to get back into that field! I have always loved fashion and retail, so it seemed only natural to make it my career.

303: How would you describe Inspyre’s style?

BJ: Inspyre has so many styles – we have business attire, boho and edgy; along with so many accessories. We have such a variety of amazing customers that we try to provide something for everyone.

303: Inspyre is one of the more affordable boutiques in Denver – why did you set out to make it like this?

BJ: I believe that fashion should be accessible to everyone. I remember being in my graduate program and shopping at boutiques and simply wondering how I’d afford a dress for my birthday. I don’t ever want anyone to feel that way at Inspyre.

303: What’s it like being a small boutique owner in Denver?

BJ: Being a boutique owner is amazing in that there is never a dull day. However, that means long days. My home is our warehouse so we have employees in our home on average of six days per week. I think the main challenge is that there is always more that can be done so it’s hard to shut off! The rewards are incredible though. I get to work with my husband and our best friends and we get to create a culture of women uplifting other women. I believe that our entire team lifts each other up and empowers not only each other but our customers. I constantly hear stories from our team about how happy women leave the boutique.

303: What’s the process of choosing the clothes you sell in your store?

BJ: I think one rule of thumb is, “Would I wear this tomorrow?” We do our best to cater to what our customers would like to see. We must see the merchandise in person and see the stitching, feel the fabric, determine the price point value and we make decisions based on these items. We do not carry anything over $100 so it does require a bit more work to maintain the quality we demand at the value we desire. The buying process is so much fun, we source our clothing and accessories from all over the world and it is such a dream to be able to find the items that the Denver woman will adore.

303: Who is your fashion inspiration?

BJ: My fashion inspiration is Denver! I am born and raised and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I adore the variety, uniqueness and passion that you see in Colorado and I have always hoped to reflect that with Inspyre.

303: Did you grow up wanting to have a career in fashion?

BJ: I grew up such a tomboy and had my first job at 16 in a snowboard and skateboard shop. It was at that point I fell in love with fashion, merchandising and having people leave the store with a huge smile.

Britni Jensen, owner of Inspyre Boutique

303: What are some things you’ve noticed about Denver’s fashion?

BJ: I think that there are some interesting opposites, which is fun! Some women are so professional at work, then want to get a little sassy at the club and then cozy on the weekend. This makes for a fun atmosphere because there is so much diversity and options for the Denver wardrobe.

303: What are some goals/dreams you’d like to see for Inspyre?

BJ: I would also love to have our own jewelry line. I am a sucker for the gem and jewelry show and it would be fun to dive back into designing and creating products.

303: Describe your go-to look.

BJ: I tend to stick to black jeans, black top and moto boots. I think I only wear colors on vacation. I like to keep it simple with so much on my plate – taking a note from Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg.

303: What are you excited most about for DFW?

BJ: I love the creativity of all the looks! We can get a bit more artistic to simply have fun and push the envelope. Every look may not be ready to wear on the street, but it represents a vision. That artistic nature is such fun and I absolutely adore that freedom. I also need to mention that the hair and makeup artists always blow me away – I say a vision and they exceed every idea. I can’t wait for the show!


Make sure to get tickets to DFW to see Inspyre Boutique show off their clothes on the runway. DFW is in support of Blu Haven and Sponsored by Audi Denver.