It seems as if every year Denver Fashion Weekend continues to grow in size and style. This year’s fashion weekend brought out Denver’s best-dressed crowd to date. Looks ranged from delicate spring inspired ensembles, to floor length gowns and street wear inspired grunge. With three full nights of fashion filling the Exdo Event Center, we saw some incredible looks you’d only find at DFW. We documented our top looks from each night and spoke to the individuals behind the outfit to showcase Denver’s best-dressed crowd.

Thursday, March 30

Tennisia Littleton wanted to sparkle for DFW. A custom gown was made for her by Regal Robe with all hand crafted work.

Hair Stylist James opted for Gucci and Zara. “I love sequins so I threw on this jacket for a little pizzazz. It’s also a great way for me to show off my pin collection.”

Vivvian (left) “I wanted to combine street and color. The pink hair was actually inspired by the election.” Becca Dice (right) “I was in my 30s and said it time time for a Mohawk”

Rachel Nickell “This Donna Karen New York dress was designed by the men who do Public School. It actually functions as a top which I paired back to some black pants to keep things edgy.”

Eve (left) wanted to reinvent the idea of a men’s suit in women’s wear. “I as super inspired by strong women this year for my style.”

Designer Hunter Higgins (of Royal Outerwear) showcased his spring collection as well as his street style on night 1. “I just wanted a fun look for the night mixed with something light for spring, hence the light denim.”

Jessica Rose Paetsch (right) said, “The spring inspired my outfit, which is why I picked the light pink.” Elizabeth Griffin (middle right) stated, “I did my high pony based on the fashion trends we’re seeing pop up for the spring. And I choose the fur because…you can never go wrong with fur, ever.”

Saturday, April 1


Oksana Hassel said, “I wear this look for just about every event because it really catches the eye.”

Stephen Garcia (right) and Ernesto (left) “We were super inspired by unisex, black and white, Korean street style known for its minimalist imagery.”

Instant C Art Studio representatives Mala and Alejandro (below) were both inspired to keep warm with great outerwear pieces.”

Blake Shakya “I was inspired by the cold CO weather, which bought out the coat and gloves.”

Jennifer Tom “1920s Paris inspired this look, something very fresh and free. The hat was thrown on for a warmer look since the weather was so rainy tonight.”

Amayas’ jacket was made by local designer, Kotomi Yoshida. “The headdress was just a great DIY find on youtube, and the blood was brought on my favorite band. I always like to bring something a little dark into my look.”

Chazzy stated that he tries to keep things minimalist since he travels a lot.” The pin I’m wearing was given to me from my friends since they call me the pirate.”

Louise “The fur was a perfect choice considering the rain, so it was both stylish and practical.”

Sunday, April 2

Brie Walker wanted to go with something edgy and classy. She loves fur and was inspired by FKA Twigs.

Krislynn Wyles “Gigi Hadid inspired by look with boyfriend jeans from my actual boyfriend.”

Friends Brooke and Cory both wanted to go with printed looks toned down with black.

Tina “I always look for something different and went with florals and orange for spring. These shoes are a few of my favorites and I always try to war them out when I can. They’re both cute and conversational.”

Booke Way of 9 News said, “I love to shop local and got this spring dress from Inspyre Botique.”


Jocelyn Blake said, “I was going for sporty chic on the trendy side. I’m super into chokers and duster coats right now. The look is a combination of both high fashion and street style.”

Laurie and Larry wanted to go all out for DFW. Their first event out since having a baby, they wanted to “be around well dressed adults.”

Mother and daughter Ethal (right) and Alexandra (left) killed it on Night 3, drawing their inspiration from the trends they saw at DFW on Night 1.

Fashion designer Jeremy Willard (right,) who showed his designs Night 1, came out for Night 3 in head to toe color in his own designs. Color and bleach were utilized to create a fun, spring look. Kate (left) is wearing a Jeremy Willard jacket and pieces “I always rock for evening wear.”

Night one photography by Amanda Piela and Night Two and Three photography by Kyle Cooper.