Bass Heads fret no more, Bassnectar is returning to town. But this time with a twist. Coming in hot for three consecutive nights at the 1ST Bank Center July 7-9, Bassnectar will be performing what he’s dubbed the Freestyle Sessions. As announced through a post on his official Facebook Page, the legendary DJ will “flip the script, reach back into the vault and let the music take control”. With an emphasis on arriving with no expectations, fans can expect to hear everything from “throwback jams into the acid jazz and downtempo trip-hop of the ’90s, old school funk and soul and experimental hip-hop, futuristic bass music, unreleased tracks never played before and old classics which we haven’t heard in years… and everything in between.”

Not only that, but Bassnectar will perform sans stage with only a “little DJ booth” so fans can fully take in the vibes. With a version of  Bass Center taking place in Virginia this year and a Colorado edition yet to be announced, these nights may be Bassnectar’s only stop in Colorado for 2017. But on the other hand, the Freestyle Sessions will only be performed in Colorado. There will be no pre-sale for these dates, but the public sale is slated for this Friday, April 21 at 10 a.m.

Courtesy of Bassnectar’s Facebook Page

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