3 Newer Boulder Boutiques You Should Know

From yoga pants and biker shorts to cut suits and bohemian dresses, Boulder’s fashion scene always seems to boast its own special plethora of trends. As an athletically centric mountain town, its seems that comfort is always key, but we are also a city that proudly possesses our own breed of new-age cosmopolitan. That’s why we want to introduce you to three newer Boulder boutiques that blend this special type of style in a uniquely Boulder way. 

Nod & Rose

Photo by Nisa Sedaghat

Where: 901 West Pearl Street in Boulder, Colorado

Website: Find them on Instagram or online at Nodandrose.com 

Nod and Rose was started by super cool and chic husband/wife duo, Elizabeth Rose and Nod Norkus- whose names the store is derived from. Although you’ll feel like you just walked into a store somewhere in downtown L.A., this boutique dresses Boulder’s best on the West End of the Pearl Street Mall. The couple calls their style selection “ hipster, americana, funky, Brooklyn meets Portland meets Austin […] effortless.”

Photo Courtesy of Nisa Sedaghat

Why we love it? Besides its highly curated and minimal bliss, the owners’ have a refreshing perspective on style:

“We are NOT pretentious. We do NOT believe that fashion is important in the big scheme of things, but we do believe that style improves your life and makes you feel better.  We are NOT into self importance and would rather help our customers create their iconic self from the inside out.”

Nod & Rose encourages mixing and matching style genres, from a classic pair of worn levis with a flannel shirt and a metallic pair of shoes to crisp suit pants with a baseball cap. Expect to find pieces from what’s trending in the fashion world next to old classics. Laid-back cool meets chic cosmopolitan meets outdoorsy lifestyle? Now that’s something we can get behind. 

Cedar and Hyde

Photo Courtesy of Nisa Sedaghat

Where: 2015 10th St, Boulder, CO 80302

Website: Find them on Instagram or online at Cedar & Hyde.

If you’ve ever glazed over the pages of Kinfolk magazine or perhaps flipped through a Nordic fashion zine, you understand the elegance and refreshing aesthetic that comes with proper tailoring, classic neutrals and lots of white space. If you wrapped all that up in a bow and placed it in Boulder, that would be Cedar and Hyde. Also started by a family team- sisters Christine and Poss Lambert, this boutique offers a beautiful array of home goods, curated market items and attire. Spend the afternoon browsing its carefully selected details and then head next door to its cafe counterpart for a cup of Boxcar coffee or a handmade bouquet. 

Photo Courtesy of Nisa Sedaghat


Photo Courtesy of Nisa Sedaghat

Where: 1615 Folsom St, Boulder, CO 80302

Website: Style-envy them on Instagram or online at Haven Boulder.

Haven is an eclectic lifestyle boutique where you can find anything from crochet swimsuits to geometric candle holders, neon yoga pants and delicious smelling body lotion to tasseled purses that look like they came straight from a market in Mexico. This central Boulder boutique even has its own small batch apothecary. Browsing its eccentric tables and collections is always a fun way to pass the afternoon, be sure to check out its online store too- gold piggie banks, responsibility sourced chocolate from Ecuador and watermelon skateboards? We think yes.

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