The Search is on for DAM’s “Creative-in-Residence”

Denver Art Museum, Danielle Webster
Denver Art Museum. Photo by Danielle Webster.

The Denver Art Museum (DAM) takes pride in being an art institution that changes with the times. With that need for evolution comes a need for the museum to bring in fresh artistic perspectives— hence, their “Creative-in-Residence” program. From now until April 7 at noon, creatives of all kinds are encouraged to apply for this four month (May — August) DAM creative residence.

Many other galleries and museums have residencies for artists to work in a designated space, interact with viewers and at the end of their time, display what they’ve been working on. But the DAM’s program is undoubtedly one of the most sought after residencies in Denver because of the number of visitors to the museum and, well, they pay a stipend for materials and your time. Think you might be the next “creative-in-residence?” Read on.

DAM Creative Residence, Denver art museum, dam, 303 magazine, cori anderson
Mar Williams. Photo by Dan Chick.

First of all, the DAM’s residency uses the word “creative” instead of “artist” because they welcome all forms of artistic expression. In the past, residencies have included a floral artist, hip hop group and a composer, to give an idea of the flexibility of the program. Willingness to collaborate with visitors to the museum is the other essential aspect of this residency, as well as with DAM staff.

The creative-in-residence will be chosen through selection by a jury panel consisting of DAM staff members, a former creative-in-residence and an art professional working in Denver. Applicants must provide a written statement, contact information of two professional references and a resume with links to images (or related media) of previous work. A short list will be chosen from the entire applicant pool for in-person interviews with the jury panel.

To become one of DAM’s creatives-in-residence, applicants should keep in mind that the museum aims to increase the diversity of their collections and has no restrictions against career levels or creative disciplines. Novel ideas and fresh inspiration enhance the museum’s reach and understanding of art and as much as the DAM creative residence is meant to help Colorado artists, it also assists the museum in keeping in touch with homegrown art.


For more information and to apply, visit their website


  1. Please update the caption on the picture of Mar Williams to say “Photo by Dan Chick” as the photo is, in fact, by me and not by DAM 🙂 thanks in advance!

      1. I appreciate the update Brittany! I figured DAM just passed something on and you used what they gave you. Props on identifying Mar as well (past artist-in-residence) Thanks for the prompt change!

        I don’t do a lot of conventional portraiture these days, most of my stuff is in-camera light art. if you’d like to see it!

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