What: Postino

Where: 2715 17th Street

Neighborhood: LoHi

When: Monday and Tuesday 8 p.m.-11 p.m. (Board and Bottle)

Pros: While the focus is on the highly approachable wine list, there is still a wide selection of excellent beers at a great price for those daunted by the grape.

Cons: No spirits are served. If you are looking for a cocktail or any other variation of the hard stuff, there is none to be found here.

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Postino might be one of Denver’s most picturesque locales. It is expertly designed with leisure in mind and a mid-century modern feel, intricate light fixtures and a dog-friendly patio. Fresh flowers are provided weekly by Denver’s own Honeycomb and Co. The decor alone is enough reason to come and stay.

The goal? Bring great wines to the casual drinker in a comfortable home-like environment. Overall atmosphere aside, they accomplish this through the inclusion of two different and rather extensive happy hours. Their daily incarnation goes from the moment they open all the way until 5 p.m., during which a glass of one of the menu’s 25 wines can be purchased for a mere five dollars. They also offer $5 thirty-two-ounce pitchers of local brews — including Funkwerks, Great Divide, Upslope and Left Hand.

The Board and Bottle

Postino Lucy Beaugard

On Monday and Tuesday nights, the main attraction is the board and bottle ($20). From 8 p.m. until close, $20  will get you any house bottle of wine and a board of four bruschetta.

Normally, it would be fair to assume that at this price point you could be expecting mediocre swill only intended to get the job done. In this case, it is absolutely not so. The whole staff is comprised of highly educated wine aficionados, many of whom are either already sommeliers or are well on their way. Every bottle on the shelf is carefully selected for maximum drinkability, and the menu is constantly updated to ensure that the styles and flavors are in congruence with the season. The Baies Dorées viognier, Holly’s Way chardonnay and Honora Vera rosé are particularly well suited to this surprisingly beautiful November.

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For the board portion of this happy hour special, large slices of toast are packed generously with an array of ingredients. The choice of toast toppings is left up to the customer. Brie and apples with fig spread, ricotta with dates and pistachios, roasted peppers with goat cheese, warm artichoke spread and a seasonal slice are just a few of the highlights.

Between the thoughtful ambiance and equally excellent menu, Postino does an impressive job of achieving their mission — presenting themselves as a highly sophisticated wine bar with the feel of an upscale neighborhood spot — all while still maintaining a relaxed and unpretentious atmosphere. This spot is an incredible date location that doesn’t break the bank  and is also known to be the watering hole for many ladies’ nights.

Postino is located at 2715 17th Street, 303-433-6363

All photography by Lucy Beaugard.

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