UNIQLO is a brand name known around the globe for its easy to wear designs and adaptable fashions. The Japanese clothing brand has built an empire on affordable and high quality ready to wear for both men and women. Although it is in 18 nations, the international store is about to open its first location in Denver. Located at 560 16th Street Mall, Uniqlo is on a mission to beat out brand name shops like H&M and Forever 21, who all reside in the area. So we sat down with UNIQLO’s USA CEO, Hiroshi Taki, to talk about the brand and its newest home here in Denver.  

UNIQLO entrance from the lower level.

UNIQLO entrance from the lower level – All images by Alden Bonecutter

303 Magazine: Can you tell our readers a bit about UNIQLO and your history

Hiroshi Taki: UNIQLO is an apparel brand born in Japan, with stores in 18 countries around the world. We opened in the U.S. 10 years ago in New York, and now have 45 stores in the country, in east coast, west coast, and the Midwest in Chicago. We make clothing with the mission of improving our customers’ lives through clothing.

303How do you think Uniqlo will fit into the Denver fashion scene?

HT: We’re excited to enter the Denver market and introduce our core collections that have been popular in other cities, like HEATTECH, Ultra Light Down, and our 100 percent Cashmere sweaters. We are also catering to the local lifestyles in Denver, with cold weather options that are great for staying active.  Our Blocktech parkas are designed to block the wind and cold, and we have a large variety of HEATTECH accessories like hats, gloves, and scarves great for the winter season. Denver has a great athleisure fashion scene and we are styling our clothes to fit that.

“The concept of UNIQLO is what we call LifeWear – simple, casual clothing created with high quality and functionality – designed to fit any lifestyle through simple pieces that become the building blocks of your wardrobe.” – Hiroshi Taki


Hiroshi Taki – UNIQLO USA CEO

303With Uniqlo being based in Japan, what similarities do you see in Japanese and Denver style?

HT: We make our clothing for everyone, and that expands to all countries.  Style in Japan varies,  but the Japanese culture values perfection in simplicity, which is what we bring to our clothing.  I think Denver is a place that has the need for function in their clothes. Being able to stay warm in outdoor winter activities without the bulk is a need our clothing will answer with products like HEATTECH and Ultra Light Down.

303What can our readers and locals expect from the new location? Why was the 16th street pavilions chosen as the new location as opposed to anywhere else in Denver?

HT: Our store in Denver is focusing on a “warm collection” – sweaters, outerwear, and innerwear great for cold weather.  We are also partnering with local businesses like Feral Mountain Co and Elixir spa to promote local  partnerships, and join the neighborhood. Though it is not a flagship store, it is large enough to house our full lineup of UNIQLO LifeWear.

303: Give us three reasons why our readers should visit the new and first Uniqlo Denver location?

HT: 1.  Stock up on cold weather and casual essentials – with opening promotions running through opening weekend. HEATTECH for Men, Women, and Kids is on promotion for $9.90 (adults) and $7.90 (Kids) – this thin, yet warm innerwear works to convert moisture to heat retention. Merino sweaters, jogger pants, and leggings pants are also on promotion, exclusively in Denver; we’re confident once customers try our products once, they’ll be back again

2. Superior Customer Service – At UNIQLO, we pride ourselves on giving customers the best possible customers service, providing a unique and easy shopping experience.  Our products are piled in high in great colors in varying styles and sizes, so you can find exactly what you want, with our helpful staff on hand  to assist with any questions.

3. We’re part of the neighborhood – We’re partnering with local businesses including Feral Mountain Co and Elixir spa, as mentioned. On Friday, grand opening day, we’ll have a block party on 16th Street with local Denver musicians, food, and UNIQLO giveaways as a way to introduce ourselves to our Denver customers and a thank you for welcoming us so warmly.

All photography by Alden Bonecutter


A view from the upper level.

A view from the upper level.