I am always looking for something new, something to surprise. Sometimes, though, I just have to stick to the basics. T|aco on Walnut Street in Boulder is my go-to. On a gray Saturday, after cycling through the usual suspects, it seemed inevitable that tacos and margaritas were calling my name.

The shrimp and pork belly tacos always draw my eye (and appetite) first. These are the two that got me hooked and continue to bring me back every time. The pork belly melts in your mouth with just the right amount of crispy skin and is packed with flavor. The pickled onion adds a vegetal crunch and crisp texture to balance the pork’s tenderness.

Shrimp (right) and pork belly taco (left).

Shrimp (right) and pork belly taco (left).

The shrimp is everything that I look for in a seafood taco: fresh. If your meal is feeling a little too heavy, this taco is the perfect option to bring you back for a breath of fresh air. The guacamole, pico de gallo and salsa fresca topping tequila-marinated shrimp serve as a tiny palate cleanser.

I come for the tacos and stay for the margaritas. Perfectly balanced, the drinks and food are matched by their fun yet still intimate environment. Especially on a Tuesday, when the tacos are two dollars all night long, T|aco is well worth the drive to Boulder.

All photos by Nora Philbin.