Ultimate Guide – 15 Indie Films to See This April in Denver

Independently made films are on the rise. However, due to small advertisement budgets, they are frequently superseded by big name productions. So this April, 303 Magazine wants to help you get in touch with this side of the industry, so you can experience the artistic, independent and often liberating facet of film. Engage with your local film community and immerse yourself deeper into the cinematic world with:

The Top 15 Indies To See This April

Sie FilmCenter| 2510 E Colfax Ave, Denver

Tale of Tales

When: Opens Friday, April 29
The Low Down: This visually stimulating fairytale starring Salma Hayek and John C. Reilly centers around the story of a queen who would give up anything to have a child, but will her child be willing to give up the freedom of choice that comes with the expectations of being royal? Find out in this fantastical cinematic experience.

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The Adderall Diaries

When: Opens Friday, April 22
The Low Down: Starring James Franco, Amber Heard, Ed Harris and Christian Slater, The Adderall Diaries is the story of Stephen Elliot (Franco), an author who becomes obsessed with a high-profile murder. As he falls deeper and deeper into obsession he is confronted with the ghosts of his past when his estranged father (Ed Harris) pays him a visit, causing Elliot an overwhelming amount of matters to deal with and figure out. What is remembered and what is the truth aren’t always the same thing, a motif that makes this film a complexing and thrilling experience.

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When: Opens Friday, March 25
The Low Down: Starring Academy Award Winner Christopher Plummer and Academy Award Winner Martin Landau, both play the role of former Auschwitz prisoners who, now in the short remainder of their lives, set out to seek revenge on the prison guard that killed their families.

Click here for more information on Remember, tickets and movie times. 

The Invitation

When: Opens Friday, April 8
The Low Down: When a strange array of house guests show up to a dinner party, tensions are high as people start to realize that there may be a hidden motive to their invitation. This psychological thriller stars Logan Marshall-Green known for his role in Prometheus, Tammy Blanchard, known for her role in Into the Woods and Michiel Huisman, known for his role in the hit HBO series, Game of Thrones.

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The Preppie Connection

When: Opens Friday, April 8
The Low Down: Based on the story of an infamous 17 year old, drug smuggler who finds his niche within his preppie high school by recognizing that cocaine was in high-demand yet lacking in supply. Toby (played by Thomas Mann) finds his way in the community by following a controversial and dangerous path.

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Hostile Border

When: Opens Friday, April 15
The Low Down: Claudia has grown up in America with no close attachments to her home country, however, when she gets into trouble she finds herself deported due to her lack of documentation. Although she doesn’t know Spanish she has to work her way through Mexico, making potentially perilous choices in order to get back to the U.S.

Click here for more information on Hostile Border, tickets and showtimes.

My Golden Days

When: Opens Friday, April 15
The Low Down: As Paul Dédalus thinks back on his life he is reminded of the young man he once was through all his experiences of love, loss and family. He finds that through this reflection he may realize why he is the way that he is and how he got to this point in his life.

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When: ONE NIGHT ONLY, Friday, April 15 at 7:30 p.m.
The Low Down: This comedic production takes places in the time before William Shakespeare was William Shakespeare. Witness all of the mistakes and trials Bill went through to become William and have a hearty laugh along the way.

Click here for more information on Bill, tickets and showtimes.


Too Late

When: Opens Friday, April 22
The Low Down: A private eye searches for a missing woman in L.A. and gets caught up in the tangled web of secrets.

Click here for more information on Too Late, tickets and showtimes.


When: ONE NIGHT ONLY, Tuesday, April 26 at 7:30 p.m.
The Low Down: Sie FilmCenter is premiering the best of independent films once a month, weeks or even months before they premier anywhere else. In April, check out the story of Ernest Hemingway during the Cuban Revolution, a film that the U.S. got special permission to film in Havana, Cuba, making it the “first Hollywood film to be shot in Cuba since 1950.” Also, take part in a live-broadcast Q&A with the actors and directors all the way from New York!

Click here for more information on NYFCS: Papa, tickets and showtimes.

 Sworn Virgin

When: Opens Friday, April 29
The Low Down: Hana escapes from her life of marriage and servitude in Albania by taking an oath of celibacy, giving her the right to live her life freely. However, will this oath be worth the sexual sacrifice? Her will power will be tested when she makes a move to Italy and sees life in a new and revealing way.

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Greenwood Village| 5415 Landmark Place, Greenwood Village

 Eye in the Sky

When: Coming Soon
The Low Down: Screened at the Boulder International Film Festival, Eye in the Sky is about the controversial choices that must be made when fighting the war on terrorism. Being one of the last films Alan Rickman ever made, it is well worth the watch. Also showing at Esquire.

Click here for more information on Eye in the Sky, tickets and showtimes.


When: Coming Soon
The Low Down: In the midst of falling apart after losing his wife, Davis (played by Jake Gyllenhaal) ends up writing an extremely personal memoir that started out as a complaint letter about a vending machine. Catching the eye of a service representative (played by Naomi Watts) the two form a friendship that helps reveal to Davis the art of starting over.

Click here for more information on Demolition, tickets and showtimes.

Chez Artiste| 2800 S. Colorado Blvd., Denver

 Take Me To The River

When: Coming Soon
The Low Down: This film is about what happens when a troubled teenager faces the temptation to reveal his true self around all of his wildly-conservative relatives. Scandal emerges through some ostentatious behavior, and family secrets are threatened to be revealed.

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When: Coming Soon
The Low Down: A french woman follows her fervor for singing despite her lack of star quality. Regardless of the lack of reception from her community and the reluctance of her family, Marguerite boldly trains for her recital in front of strangers, revealing the truth of passion.

Click here for more information on Marguerite, tickets and showtimes.

Experience the journeys that these amazing, independent films promise and further delve into your local film community this April. You’ll be surprised what relatable and perspective-broadening experiences you’ll encounter.

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