Denver Fashion Weekend Spring ’16 – Participating Restaurants

Inside The Inventing Room. Photo by Kyle Cooper

It’s no secret that Denver Fashion Weekend is the city’s biggest fashion event—but what’s not as well known? DFW is also a culinary event that cannot be missed. The restaurants participating in DFW offer up complimentary bites of everything from appetizers to desserts and are sure to match the creativity of designers and stylists. To help keep track of the busy week, here is a list of participating restaurants.

Wednesday, April 6

The Corner Office
Red Revolver pancakes. Photo courtesy of the Corner Office.

The Corner Office

While DFW may highlight the best of Denver, the Corner Office is bringing us global comfort food with a modern twist. This spot is not just known for its eclectic menu, but a happy hour, drinks and atmosphere that beg you to cut loose—or in other words, the perfect way to kick-off DFW. Need proof? Take a look at some of the other fun events that the Corner Office has been a part of.

Photo courtesy of TickleBelly.
Photo courtesy of TickleBelly.


Worried that DFW won’t have something for your sugar craving? Well, you can take a deep breath. With TickleBelly on the docket for Wednesday night, DFW will have chef-crafted desserts all made in Colorado. From cake pops and cake bars to dessert shots, there will be no shortage of sweetness on our DFW kick-off evening. Using thoughtfully sourced ingredients, the chefs at TickleBelly create desserts that are as imaginative as what will be on the runway for the 303 AWARDS.

Thursday, April 7

Photo by Kiddest Metaferria
Photo by Kiddest Metaferria.


For a bustling event like DFW, small plates are the perfect ticket. That’s probably why we’ve brought back Leña for an encore after last year’s DFW. With a menu that ranges from grilled meat and seafood to vegetarian options, there will be something for everyone. Paired with craft cocktails, this is a must for your DFW itinerary. Luckily, you’ll have double the chances, as Leña will be available on Thursday and Sunday. Read more to see some of their other options, and don’t forget to get your DFW tickets to get the full Leña experience.

Photo by Kyle Cooper.
Photo by Kyle Cooper.


This Japanese-fusion concept from chef John DePierro and chef Michael Nevarez was one of the most anticipated openings of 2015, and it was well worth the hype. Located inside Avanti Food & Beverage—the restaurant incubator in LoHi —this noodle shop riffs on tradition by drawing from global inspiration and classic techniques. These cutting edge, eclectic bowls will be the perfect compliment to DFW’s non-traditional night.

NEWS: MiJo Joins Avanti Food & Beverage

Saturday, April 9

Inventing Room. Photo by Kyle Cooper.
Inventing Room. Photo by Kyle Cooper.

Inventing Room

DFW is all about creativity and artistic expression, which means that the Inventing Room is the perfect culinary compliment. Denver’s own Willy Wonka-esque factory that specializes in made-to-order desserts with a scientific twist will be the best way to satisfy your sweet tooth. Plus, when the signature dish is nitrogen caramel kettle corn, there isn’t really a way for you to go wrong. Check out the full write-up on the Inventing Room’s Lawrence Street location and don’t forget to stop by on Saturday night.

Photo by Adam Larkey.

Cherry Hills Sushi Co.

The new Denver sushi concept from chef-owner Bradford Kim is simple and straightforward, allowing the fish to speak for itself. With only sashimi and handrolls on the menu, Cherry Hills Sushi Co. will be the fresh bite that you need during DFW. The sushi won’t weigh you down and because Kim goes to Denver markets True World Foods and Northeast Seafood every few days, your meal is guaranteed fresh, leaving you plenty of room for sweet treats from The Inventing Room.

Sunday, April 10

In case you missed them, Leña and The Inventing Room will be back for a second round on Sunday, DFW’s final evening. It’s only fitting that these crowd pleasers and city favorite’s come back to help us shut down another successful season of celebrating Denver’s fashion and innovation.


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