Whether you are into skiing and snowshoeing, or whether sledding and ice skating are more your speed, winter in Colorado offers endless ways to enjoy the great outdoors. But if you find yourself looking for a new way to get outdoors and enjoy a getaway with friends or family this winter, look no further than the backcountry hut system right here in Colorado.

While there are many different options all across the state, the 10th Mountain Division offers some of the most spectacular scenery and best accommodation in all of Colorado. With 34 huts connected by nearly 350 miles of trails, there is sure to be an option for everyone, regardless of ability. Whether you choose to hike, snowshoe or cross country ski into the hut of your choosing, you will well and truly have a piece of Colorado wilderness all to yourself. And did we mention the views? This area of our beautiful state is home to some of the most spectacular peaks and offer the best kind of inspiration for your journey.

In case you need more convincing, here are 4 reasons to visit backcountry huts this winter.

1. Peace and Quiet


If you are in need of a proper getaway, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, backcountry huts are your answer. Not only will you get to enjoy the peace of the snow-covered trails, but you are more likely to have the huts to yourself during the winter season. I

f you want to ensure that the place is all yours, most will allow you to rent out the entire cabin for your stay, though you will still come across day-trippers and adventurers passing through to their own cabin further along the trail. Rest assured you will return from this trip reenergized from your unplugged getaway.

2. Test Your Outdoor Skills


Not only will you be putting your athletic ability to the test, you will also be required to pack in and pack out everything that you might need during your stay. This will call for a considerably heavier pack, depending on the length of your stay and on what you consider the essentials.

Be sure to pack plenty of food, layers and your favorite libation if that’s your preferred way to warm up from a day spent in the snow.

3. Meet Fellow Outdoor Lovers

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If you want to really mix it up, you can pay for the hut per person and you just might wind up with some roommates for your stay. You will find the people out on these trails and staying in these huts to be fun, like-minded adventurers who will happily share their pot of hot cocoa with you.

All of the huts have great descriptions online, so you can choose a hut that has separate rooms or one that has several bunks all in one open space, depending on your comfort level.

4. Experience Colorado in a New Way

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For many Coloradans, checking off all sorts of adventurous outings is a right of passage and usually includes conquering several fourteeners. But if you find that you are in search of your next great adventure, hiking through the snow-covered forest to a warm cabin is the ultimate winter getaway.

Staying for a few days means that you get to really explore the area and likely won’t have to share it with anyone else. You can often find great sledding hills, stunning viewpoints or even a make-shift museum inside of a teepee. It truly is an adventure like no other.