What: a collaborative art studio that produces painting, murals, graphic art and clothing. 

Where: 3435 S Yosemite St, #100, Denver

When: Opened 2/21/2016

Seven years ago, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Peter Westermann started Threyda with the support of a collaborative group of friends and artists that shared a passion for the arts. This group of artists produce paintings, murals, and graphic pieces ranging from mind expanding psychedelic arts to tattoo art and surrealism. Peters’ early appreciation for artists such as TOOL, Alex Grey and his father, who specialized in corporate graphic design, are what drove him to open the groups’ first online store in August 2009.

“Threyda is a collaborative project I started with artists around the world to help bring a new style and movement of artwork to a wider audience.”

Threyda Denver, local clothing denver,

Threyda clothing. All photos by Romeo Fernandez.

After several years of steady sales of art pieces and prints Westermann made the decision to move his endeavor to Denver. He chose to come to our hometown based on the following; he knew we live a laidback lifestyle here, most of his online customers were shopping from Colorado or California, and he knew that the locals here are more art driven and generally accept and appreciate art more than those elsewhere. After all, it is “Colorful Colorado”.

This weekend Westermann and his collaborative group, now consisting of twenty-three skilled artists from around the world, welcomed customers to the grand opening of their first workspace and showroom here in Denver. He also has plans to open their first gallery and retail store downtown this summer.

“I believe this interpersonal revolution in visual language can help change the world in positive ways.”

Threyda hat

Threyda hat

Using a printing technique called “sublimation” Westermann and his team have just barely scratched the surface of what is to come for their apparel designs. This style of printing is a scientific process in which a special dye is combined with the right amount of heat, time and pressure which then turns the dye into a gas that can dye fabric and other materials in optimal color and quality. This technique has been especially popular among their male customers and their fully reversible hoodies and has provided Threyda with a high-resolution/high-quality way of transferring art onto clothing.

With that being said, ladies (and gentlemen), Threyda has plans for you. With the recent release of their dress design and leggings, you better believe more is on its way.  Westermann assured 303 that he has several fashion-forward designs drawn up for what he would like to add to their apparel lines in the near future. Unique dresses, refined collared shirts and jackets, and more are what we have to look forward to from Westermann and his team at Threyda.

All photography by Romeo Fernandez.

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