Despite the weak accumulation of snow in Denver so far, there’s expected to be a bunch of snow headed our way. Some of us are saying, “bring it on” while others are planning a night in once we do get some snow on the ground.

Whether you’re new to Denver or you’ve lived here your whole life, everyone has a way of keeping warm when the temperature falls. Snuggies, old sweatpants and our dad’s socks are among the few items we keep around for days like today.

But in case you like to be on-point even when you look like you had to walk through a snowstorm to get home, here are a few items that will keep you warm, all while being fashionable.


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photos courtesy of Nordstrom

When you think of slippers, they’re usually what you throw on to walk the dog early in the mooring. You might have been given them one Christmas or you bought them while shopping for groceries at Target. But a nice pair can come in handy on a day like today, or one of those ’Netflix and chill’ nights where you want to look cute without looking like you tried. There are many options including these Minnetonka’s classic Sheepskin Boots, Haflinger ‘Giraffe’ Slippers and even TOMS slippers that allow you to give back while keeping your feet warm in style.


Go-To Slouchy Sweater

photos courtesy of Urban Outfitters

photos courtesy of Urban Outfitters

If you have long johns, a snow day isn’t when you’re supposed to wear them. They’re supposed to hide under your ski gear and can briefly come out on your long drive home. Instead, a slouchy sweater will be your go-to when staying in away from the cold. You can wear leggings and a long sleeve shirt underneath, or forgo most clothing and just go with the sweater and slippers. Either way, you’ll be warm, comfortable and stylish in case your hot neighborhood knocks on the door to ask for some sugar.


Heated Blanket for Two

photos courtesy of Target

photos courtesy of Target

The cool new thing in blankets (if there is one) is personal heated throws. This isn’t something that goes under your sheets for sleeping and should be hidden from the world, it’s for everyday use, and it comes in cool patterns. Plug it in and get warm, whether it’s just you watching rom-coms or you’re cuddling up together.