5 Trends of 2015 to Leave Behind in 2016

A new year is the only appropriate time to use the mantra, “new year, new me.” Many people make resolutions such as hitting the gym or starting to eat healthier. More often than not, resolutions are made to better our self worth and self image. So why not start 2016 off with a bang by emptying out that closet and starting off with a fresh wardrobe?

2015 brought us many trends–some we loved and others…not so much. The ’70s era came up big during the fall and that’s something we hope is here to stay. But we’re not so in love with the lady loafers we saw all around town. We loved the winter fur cuff, but are straying away from furry feet.

1. Furry Shoes

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Images Courtesy of Vogue

Something mostly worn by the fashion girl of the group, furry shoes seem to be on their way out. While they were trending for every season from spring to fall in 2015, the buyer of the furry shoe is over it. Made for the prestine and privileged, this choice of footwear is anything but practical.

While the look was cool and chic, it became clear that you could only afford this style if you were packing serious coins. Even other name brand stores such as Zara and H&M avoided copying this trend due to its frivolous statement. But if you invested in a pair of Gucci fur loafers, don’t throw them out just yet. We have a feeling this trend may be back before you know it.

2. ’90s Waist Shirts

The ’90s seemed to make a really strong comeback during 2015, but we’re not so sure it’s here to stay. While we love chokers and overalls, the ’90s waist shirt needs to go. This trend was extremely popular among young teens who weren’t even around when it began. It was everywhere in 2015 from Beyonce sporting it at one of her concerts to every hip hop dancer in the studio. For one, this trend didn’t help your figure if you were any bit curvy. That extra volume and frill at the hip only made you look twice your size.

fashion, ootd, style, denver style, trends, 2016 trends, flannel, fur, fur vest, fur shoes, gucci, 90s style, waist shirts3. Flannel Shirts

This may be hard for our 303 readers and the state of Colorado to digest, but the lumber jack styling of the flannel needs to go when entering 2016. Often worn with a pair of UGGS or a puffer vest, the flannel is becoming a generic symbol of suburban style. Red and green seem to be the most popular choices which just scream camping and IPAs.

But don’t get us wrong–we love a good flannel to keep us warm during the winter months, but the trend seems to be dying out with the racks at Target and Walmart picking the pieces.

If you insist on keeping these pieces in your wardrobe then try something new. Style it with a turtle neck under and a few buttons undone. Or dress it up with a statement necklace that wont make it look you’re about to chop wood. We also love a good pair of statement shoes to go along with this look. It helps dress up the style of a boring flannel and gives some personality overall.


4. Fur Vest

The fur vest is a great winter staple but the current climate of fashion has made it possible for everyone and every store to have it. White, black and even blue, you can find this in a variety of styles from long to short. Once again we don’t really hate this trend enough to banish it from 2016 but a few modifications could really be made to improve this style.

For one, try something new under the vest. Winter flannel seems to be everyones choice when it comes to pairing it with a fur vest. Like we said in #3, this style should really only be reserved for lumber jacks. And the paring it with a fur vest does not help the cause. And two, do something new for footwear besides a boring old black or brown boot. Add metallics for some sparkle, or pair it with a mini skirt for a mod feel.

5. Monochromatic Colors 

fashion, ootd, style, denver style, trends, 2016 trends, flannel, fur, fur vest, fur shoes, gucci, 90s style, waist shirts

Okay, we love a good head-to-toe black, but monochromatic looks seem to be out with 2016 coming it. This easy look has seen better days and is starting to bore us. We’ve all done it with a grey matching sweatshirt and sweats to a bight blue suit that will shock your eyes.

But we’re not so ready to give up yet, so some tweaking can really be in order to improve this style. Try breaking things up a bit with some shine. This will give your look some dimension and depth, even if you’re going for the all black look. Or maybe do a pop of something different with your footwear. This also gives you a great excuse to go shoe shopping.

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