‘Tis the week before Christmas, and everyone is scrambling to buy presents and put up decorations. Take a break from the chaos and join Factotum Brewhouse for a Women-Only Brewer’s Yeast class, or Stem’s ‘Keep the Glass’ Monday where you get two pours of cider and a glass for just $10. Just in time for Christmas, Avanti F&B whats to introduce you to all of the artists who helped fill the collective eatery and maybe help you find the perfect piece of art as a gift for someone special. Finally, the DONUT PANIC Release Party featuring Fiction Beer Company and Glazed and Confuzed will be selling a special beer paired with delicious doughnut. Don’t let the holidays stress you out, be sure to take some time to yourself and enjoy the great events that Denver has to offer this week! 

Women-Only Brewer’s Yeast Class


Stephanie Densborn, tap room manager, assistant brewer at Berthoud Brewing. Photo by Dustin Hall for Brewtography.

When: December 15, 6 – 8 p.m.

Where: Factotum Brewhouse; 3845 Lipan St., Denver

Cost: $25

Tickets: Available here

The Low Down: Inland Island Brewing Company is joining Factotum Brewhouse for a seminar on yeast! With yeast being one of the four main ingredients in beer, owners and microbiologists of Inland Island, John Giarratano and Matthew Peetz, want to share with you their knowledge behind creating different types of yeast that perfect the company’s beer. In addition to the seminar, to help you taste the difference, Giarratano and Peetz, will be brewing six different samples of beer, all paired with different strains of yeast. Buy your ticket now, so that you can enjoy a night of fun, tasty bites, and delicious beer.

Avanti Art Night

Courtesy of Avanti Food & Bar

Courtesy of Avanti Food & Bar

When: December 16, 6 – 9 p.m.

Where: Avanti F&B; 3200 Pecos St., Denver

Cost: Free

The Low Down: The local artists behind all of the decorative art at Avanti Food & Beverage will be stopping by the collective eatery for a meet and greet. The painters, sculptors, custom furniture fabricators and designers would love to discuss with you the inspiration and process behind the work. Feature artists include Cristina del Hoyo, Banshee Press, Scott Bennett, Duke Degraaff, Justin Bowser, and Brett Matarazzo. Enjoy one of your favorite meals while learning about all of the artists that helped to make Avanti one of your favorite restaurants in Denver.

DONUT PANIC Release Party!

Courtesy of Dazed and Confuzed Doughnuts

Courtesy of Dazed and Confuzed Doughnuts

When: December 19, 12 – 1 p.m.

Where: Fiction Beer Company; 7101 E. Colfax Ave., Denver

Cost: Prices may vary upon purchase

The Low Down: For the second time, Fiction Beer Company with teaming up with Glazed and Confuzed Doughnuts. This year, the DONUT PANIC is a Confuzed Samoa Donut Ale. Coconut, chocolate, and a touch of caramel dominate the flavor and aroma of this beer. Fiction Beer Company will also be featuring a special beer paired with on of Glazed and Confuzed delicious doughnuts. So that you can take your bottles home to enjoy right away, this year Fiction Beer will be offering limited bottling. This is your chance to relive last years extraordinary event, or experience it if you missed out.

Stem’s ‘Keep the Glass’ Monday

Courtesy of Stem Ciders

Courtesy of Stem Ciders

When: December 21, 4 – 10 p.m.

Where: Stem Ciders; 2811 Walnut St., Denver

Cost: $10 for 2 cider pours

The Low Down: Returning is Stem’s “Keep the Glass” Monday. From 4 – 10 p.m. for just $10 you can enjoy two cider pours and your very own keepsake glass. This event was so popular, Stem had no choice but to bring it back! There is no better way to end a long Monday, especially during the winter, then with a cup (or two) of cider.

 Mark Your Calendars

Check back next week for a special holiday edition!