4 Things to Love About Colorado Fall Beauty

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Colorado is great for a multitude of reasons, and it definitely has its own style, regardless of the season. But if there’s one thing that Coloradans really do well, it’s the months of the colder persuasion.

No one can deny that as we hang up our rock climbing gear and start hauling out our snowboards and skis, we look really good doing it. Fall, especially, is a good time in this great state of ours.

Here are four reasons you should really love fall beauty in Colorado.

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It feels like all summer we spend the majority of our beauty routine on sweat-proofing our makeup. Even still, the best of us will still end up sweaty and melted on the hottest of days. But once the temperature start hitting the sixties and going southward, makeup stays put from the slightly later sunrise to the slightly earlier sunset.



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The lowered heat index is not only great for your makeup but your hair as well. Where summer temperatures would straighten curls or force the sleekest ‘do to be pulled up into a ponytail to liberate a sweaty neck, now hair can be left down comfortably, curled without fear and straightened without the risk of frizz.



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While our hair is looking worlds better, everyone knows that a bad hair day every now and then is inevitable. Thanks to the perfectly Colorado chic style we’ve cultivated here, however, there’s a perfect option: the beanie. Whereas more structured hats can feel like too much of a commitment and statement, beanies are perfectly casual. Throw one on, and no one will ever know that your hair isn’t cooperating; you’ll look too cool.



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The outside is getting cooler, the inside is turning on heaters, and all of this is going on with a dry climate. The result is skin in some serious need of hydration lest it become dry and flaky and all around unattractive. Every Coloradan has a moisturizer they swear by, whether it be Neutrogena or coconut oil. While this necessity might seem like a pain, it’s actually a blessing in disguise. Moisturizing your skin with regularity and frequency does wonders for anti-aging and overall skin health. You glow, girl!

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