This Wednesday, in prime Halloween fashion, Utah’s Get Scared will be helping haunt the Marquis Theater for a night of wicked rock ‘n roll fun.

Wednesday’s show will be especially significant for the band, as it will be preceding not only Halloween this upcoming weekend, but more importantly, their third full-length record via Fearless Records, Demons.

Demons is a whirlwind of aggression and hostility with a pinch of smooth melodies and ear-catching choruses. Unlike their two previous releases, Get Scared seem to turn up the choleric formula on Demons, as an unrelenting fury of sound will leave you gasping for air once it’s all said and done.

Lead vocalist Nicholas Matthews blows away all vocal expectations, especially in regards to the screaming side of things. The band’s softer side (“For You” from Everyone’s Out To Get Me) takes a backseat, as the rancorous snarls and Demon-like screams tear across the record. It’s truly a bit disappointing to see the band move away from their inner pop artist sides that were clawing to escape, as they were extremely encouraging on Everyone’s Out To Get Me, but sometimes you just need to get the anger out … And that’s what Get Scared do here.

Come check out Get Scared this Wednesday, and you may just be lucky enough to snag a copy of Demons a few days early.

New Years Day, Eyes Set To Kill, The Relapse Symphony, The Darksiderz and Discount Cinema will make up the rest the night’s show.

Doors: 6pm

Tickets: Advance – $13 / Day Of Show – $15

Check out Get Scared's official music video for "Buried Alive"

Photos and video courtesy of Get Scared and Fearless Records.

Written by Samuel Lang of 303 Magazine.