5 Tips for Hip Halloween Decoration

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Halloween is just around the corner, and no holiday is more fun to decorate for than this exciting holiday. However, a lot of Halloween decorations can seem trite and overdone. Plastic tombstones and fake coffins are tacky, cobwebs just look like cotton and make a mess, and spooky Halloween soundtracks and plastic pumpkins are kid stuff.

So, how can you take Halloween decorating to a level that is hip, balanced, tactful and totally amazing for the season?

Here are 5 tips to make your hip Halloween decoration stand out and set the stage for the modern and the new.

1. Decorate with real skulls


OK, so plastic skulls are fun and campy but they never look like the real deal, and unless you’re a member of the Adam’s Family, it may not be possible to get your hands on a real human skull. Luckily, we live in Colorado, and there is no shortage of animal skulls to be found and purchased.

The great outdoors is a good spot to go hunting for skulls, but there’s always the chance you won’t find any. And if you do, cleaning skulls can be a long process, and not one for those who are afraid to get a little messy. To purchase some, scour Etsy for users who finish and repurpose skulls, and grab a few for your Halloween collection. A well-placed coyote skull next to some candles can make for a spooky Halloween scene. If you have a little more money to throw down, a cow skull on your wall all decked out for the Holidays can be just the thing to kick off your festivities.

2. Use natural, organic plant decorations


If skulls are a little too gnarly for you – or even if they aren’t and you just want something to supplement them with – adding some natural decoration of the plant variety could be just the thing. In addition to the typical carved jack-o-lantern, try some smaller pumpkins, white pumpkins and gourds to create a traditional, austere look this Halloween season.

If you are really going for the classic look, you can even add in a few dried ears of corn to really set the mood. This type of decorating pairs perfectly with elements like candles and skulls to help create the perfect Halloween alter and get your home nice and spooky for the holidays.

3. Creepy candles set the stage for a spooky night


The secret to perfect Halloween lighting to set the stage for your party or night in is simple: Ditch the cheap purple and orange lights and get some candles going instead. Prayer candles, which are basic white candles in tall glass jars, can be purchased for a very low price in department and grocery stores, and they have the prefect look to go with your Halloween decor.

This is also a good way to use up some candles you have lying around – the spare set in case of power outages, or the pumpkin candle your aunt gave you last year that you’ve never used could come in really handy for this. Even if the candles don’t look totally ritualistic or austere, they will still help add to the overall flickering, glowing effect you are creating.

4. Decorate your witchy items


Skulls, organic decorations and candles can be all fun and good, but sticking to these items only and doing away with the thrill of colorful store-bought decorations can get a bit dull at times. In order to spice things up a little, try putting your own spin on these items.

Skulls can be painted a weird gold or silver to make them shine in the light, and painting gourds with friends is a great way to pass the time on a chilly fall evening in preparation for Halloween. Paint them up with glitter or crazy colors, and enjoy the cool contrast this creates for your fall festivities. Of course, pumpkins can be carved into all sorts of crazy patterns if you are so inclined, and the blank, white alter candles look really cool with some stickers to adorn them. Getting fun and crafty is the perfect way to ring Halloween, and make sure that your decorations are one-of-a-kind.

5. Hook up some horror film projections


A super cool way to add the finishing touch to your festivities is to project some of your favorite films on a sheet or blank white wall. Roll the film without sound, and choose some cool classic horror with a black and white vibe, or some classic ’70s movies like “The Shining” to set the mood.

This is a great way to watch films with friends or add to the mood at parties – the fun light and spooky dancing of images that move across the people and objects in the room adds an added element of fun to every Halloween engagement.


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