For many years fashion and photography have been codependent of each other, with images documenting what we see in the pages of Vogue to more sophisticated fashion portraits by the likes of Richard Avedon. New York and Los Angeles are known for their fashion scene but it’s no doubt that Denver is on the rise.

Fashion/Culture 2.0, hosted by Natascha Seideneck, aims to bring more light to the growing art and fashion scene we have here in Denver. 303 Magazine sat down with the creative director of this year’s event to discuss fashion, art and everything in between.

Fashion/Culture 2.0 will be hosting its second annual event tonight, October 24. The event will take place at the Turnhalle Theater at Tivoli Student Union (900 Auraria Parkway). VIP and VVIP guest will start arriving at 6 p.m. for an exclusive pre-event reception. Doors will open for general admission entry at 7:30 p.m.

The gala will feature cocktails, music and a silent auction all benefiting Denver’s own CPAC. The event will also feature a fashion show by El Salon, Charlie Price, Leon Designs and Fancy Tiger. VVIP ticket holders will have front row seating during the fashion show while VIP will have priority seating. There are still a few tickets left so be sure to grab yours before they’re gone!

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Image Courtesy of Kaylee Littleton

303 Magazine: Can you tell our readers a bit more about this event and why it was created? What can we expect to see and experience?

Seideneck: The event was created last year to not only raise money for CPAC but also awareness of its existence. It has been a non-profit photo center for 50 years, as well as bringing us dynamic exhibitions, host workshops and events. This year we are raising money for their new location in RHINO coming up.

303: How has it been working with El Salon, Charlie Price, Leon Designs and Fancy Tiger?

Seideneck: I consider them the most creative and innovation in Denver! Steve Trujillo from El Salon is showcasing his designs (leon Designs) which are very Avant Garde and cool.

303: Denver is not exactly known for its fashion scene. How do you hope to change this through Fashion Culture 2.0?

Seideneck: Yes, Denver does not have a fashion industry but certainly a community that cares about fashion. This event is about bringing creatives together and being able to collaborate on showcasing whatever we feel like…no rules!

Image Courtesy of Kaylee Littleton

Image Courtesy of Kaylee Littleton

303: What bond did you see between fashion and photography that made you want to showcase them together?

Seideneck: They are of course dependent on each other…one activates the other and vice versa.

303: Tell us a bit more about the runway show.

Seideneck: It is not a traditional fashion show and very influenced by music icons. The runway is not a runway per say. We are incorporating some multi-media elements. Fancy Tiger is doing a very gender neutral look. Leon Designs has various collection. My favorite is his plexi collection.

303: Where do you hope to see this event in 10 years?

Seideneck: I hope to be involved in other projects.