Vanessa Barcus, owner of Goldyn boutique in the Highlands, along with Laura Krudener, of Among the Colors, are attending New York Fashion Week. Vanessa and Laura are exclusively reviewing NYFW for 303 Magazine.
 Read day 1 of their experience below.


It’s day 1 of New York Fashion Week and there’s definitely an electric buzz to the air despite the light drizzle. We are both excited to explore what NYFW has to offer, each for our own purposes. Vanessa to do buying for the upcoming Spring 2016 season for Goldyn, and Laura to seek inspiration for both her art and her blog Among the Colors. What we do share is our laid back Colorado attitude and an interest for arts, music and culture that permeates within, yet also expands, the fashion industry. This sensibility is something that has grounded our friendship since we first met, and is something that connects us as creatives. As Coco Chanel said, “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street. Fashion has to do with ideals, the way we live, what is happening.”

Follow us as we explore New York Fashion Week, and seek creative inspiration from the runway shows to the Chelsea galleries, from strangers we meet on the street to the farm-to-table meals we finish our day with over friends and conversations.

Creatures of Comfort

Creatures of Comfort


Today I was excited to check out the runway presentations from two very forward-thinking, fashion-insider brands, which are personal favorites of mine, Creatures of Comfort and Rodebjer.

First up, Creatures of Comfort’s Spring 2016 collection featured a bevy of looks in earthy, natural fabrics and a generally light color palette (other than occasional pops of vivid red). The diaphanous, flowing shapes were meant to evoke the sunlight-drenched seaside city of Marseille, France, and I dare say they achieved just that. Wide legs, along with oversized and layered, drapey shapes, abounded.






The earthy tones continued with Swedish designer Rodebjer, who made her debut this summer as a part of the Goldyn roster of designers. A highly conceptual collection that leans toward a bohemian sensibility, the notes on her Spring collection spoke of tranquility and calm.

The evocation worked, as the scene in the beautiful skylight-lit loft, where the show took place, felt especially zen-like.

Again, layers of muted colors with a few pops of a modernist print, monochromatic dressing and natural materials in drapey, oversized shapes permeated the collection in a way that was beautiful and effortless.




Vanity Projects

Vanity Projects



I started the day off at Vanity Projects, a luxury concept that merges a high-end art atelier with video art programing. The founder, Rita de Alencar Pinto, and I go back to my undergraduate days in San Francisco and have been dear friends since. So I never miss an opportunity to support her nail art vision, especially not during Fashion Week.

My concept was nude, natural and black with geometric shapes and lines, nailed by artist Maco Kawasaki.

After Vanity Projects, I met up with Vanessa at Creatures of Comfort. I was really taken by the subtle primary hues of the show, as well as the muted green tweed fabrics. I have begun experimenting with natural dyes in my art studio practice, so seeing this on the runway was a pleasant surprise.


Keltie Ferris

Keltie Ferris



I ended my day with a Chelsea art gallery stop to see the shows of three fantastic painters, Keltie Ferris at Mitchell-Innes & Nash gallery, Paul Henry Ramirez at Ryan Lee gallery, and Kysa Johnson at Morgan Lehman gallery.

It was a rare find to find these three strong painters exhibiting work on the same night and they all brought a vibrant and energized finished to the pale gray New York City skies.

Stay tuned for more NYFW runway reviews from Vanessa and Laura – exclusively on 303 Magazine