Your twenties are a great time. You’re young, you have the world sitting at your feet, and you’re effortlessly fresh-faced. While we may be too deep in our youth to be wise, it’s no excuse to be stupid. So take nothing for granted.

Live hard while you have the energy to do so. Take on the whole world before you have to settle down in one city. And take care of your skin before you’re wrinkly and leather-faced from thirties on.

Here are eight skincare habits you should form right now.


1. Wear sunscreen every day.

Banish your thoughts of thick, pore-clogging white cream that you can smell from a mile away. There are a ton of options nowadays for face sunscreens, or you can just kill two birds with one stone and start using a BB cream that also contains SPF. Trust me, you’ll be happier with glowing skin in your fifties than a ridiculously tan face at 23.




2. Never, ever, ever sleep in your makeup.

Mascara, foundation, lipstick…none of it should be on your face for that long. Not only can it clog your pores and cause breakouts, but it can contribute to aging as well. Tip: Keep makeup removing wipes next to your bed. If you can’t find the strength to wash your face before falling asleep, at least you can get some of your makeup off.


3. But be careful how you remove your makeup.

Speaking of makeup wipes, they might seem super convenient, but the chemicals can be drying and damaging to your skin. As for your eye makeup (especially if it’s waterproof), excessive rubbing and tugging can be very taxing on the delicate skin of your eyelids, contributing to crows feet and other wrinkles. Instead, opt for coconut oil, which not only works wonders removing makeup, but also has moisturizing qualities.



4. Make your skin care routine as natural as possible.

True to western philosophy, a lot of the skincare you can buy at the store is going to mask your symptoms or pump your skin full of artificial nonsense. The least amount of junk you can put on your skin, the better, and natural remedies tend to treat the cause of skin ailments rather than just hide them.

5. Pamper your face and apply a mask once a week.

It’s important to tailor it to whatever your personal needs are, but before you head to Target, head to your kitchen instead. Pinterest is full of easy-to-make masks for whatever you might need. My personal favorite is a three-ingredient mix of cinnamon, honey and nutmeg.



6. Start using eye cream now.

It might seem silly to put anti-aging products on your unlined face, but your twenties are the time to start taking preventative measures. After all, it’s a lot harder to get rid of wrinkles than it is to ward them off. Insider tip: Resting bitch face also keeps wrinkles at bay.




7. Keep your hands off your face!

No touching, picking or popping. Your hand transfer pimple-causing oils to your face, and messing with a blemish will make it stick around up to three times as long as it would if you hadn’t touched it. No one wants acne scars all over their beautiful face. So, treat your skin imperfections – don’t try to manhandle them.

8. Keep your skin moisturized, inside and out.

Apply face lotion in the morning and night after you’ve cleansed your skin. But all of the moisturizer in the world won’t do what water can do. Start drinking eight glasses of water a day and you’ll see a difference almost immediately. Hydrated skin is glowing, soft, even and clear.