Being a fashionista is harder than one might think. We’re always broke, looking for something new to wear, and hungry for fashion. Your friends might not understand your need to drop $1,000 on a new handbag but are always in awe of your wardrobe and closet.

Every friend group has that fashionista who’s willing to risk eviction for a new pair of leather boots. Here are 8 signs to determine whether or not you’re the fashionista in your group.

8 Signs You’re the Fashionista in Your Group


Images Courtesy of Tommy Ton

1. Rent is #2 on Your List

When you get that bi-weekly paycheck, it doesn’t go straight to your rent, it goes to those Prada platforms you’ve been eyeing at Bergdorf’s. Your friends have no idea why you’re late on the rent all the time and neither does your landlord. That’s because a new bag or set of earrings mean more to you than living without electricity for a couple of days.

2. Daily Compliments

You don’t just make heads turn when you dress up for a special occasion – you do it on the daily. And it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the exact same outfit as your friend, for you know all eyes will be on you. You even get stopped on the street by complete strangers in awe of your vintage Chanel heels. You’ve come to expect them and even find it to be a nuisance at time.

3. Shopping is a Marathon

When you invite your friends to the mall, they know to clear their schedules because this event will take place all day long. You can’t shop on a time crunch and tend to hate a busy mall. Your friends can barely keep up with you and you can spend hours in your favorite department store. But you know how to manage your time and can be decisive in a snap.

20-spring-2016-menswear-street-style-144. Knock-Offs are Easy to Spot

You can spot a knock-off across the street without looking twice. That Louis Vuitton your friend got off the street for $200? A fake. That quilted Chanel boy bag must have been made in China and those Louboutins don’t even exist in that color! You also know all the tips and tricks for spotting a fake one, like how the leather grain should run and how the hardware should feel.


5. Trends are for the Masses

You have your own style and tend to stray away from what everyone else is wearing. While you love a good trend, chances are you were wearing this look six months prior. You watch runway shows to get a head start and your friends often ask where you got this or that, only to go and get it themselves. You set the trends, not follow them.

6. Closet of Nothing

You always have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear. Each morning you face the same dilemma of trying to match this with that, only to find out you’re missing key pieces from your wardrobe. Guess that means a shopping trip is in order!


7. Sign Here, Please

There’s always a package on its way in the mail, even if you know you’re going to return it ASAP. After a long, hard day at work you love to surf the web and online shop like there’s no tomorrow. New bag for work? Why not. How about these flats…in every color. You can’t help but buy something online once a week, even if you know it’s going back.

8. From Valentino to Goodwill

You love a good designer shop as much as the next person, but you don’t limit yourself. You can go from Valentino to Goodwill in 60 seconds. You know the label makes a huge difference in quality, but aren’t afraid to mix thrift with designer. People are even surprised when you tell them you picked up that stylish bag at your local thrift store.