It all started at The Big Wonderful in Denver. Anyone who has attended knows waiting in line for drinks can be a frustrating part of the experience, but not if you’re Brandi and Daniel of newly formed Denver band Piper Cub. The duo met in the drinks line and bonded over their effusive love of music. Without delay, the two were already constructing their musical venture, cranking out jams that very night.

Now you can catch these two at the 303 Magazine Poolside Fashion Show for a night of unforgettable musical talent, amazing fashion, summer-inspired drinks and some great people. Don’t miss out on this special event! 303 Magazine caught up with this budding band to discuss their fate-fueled start, the Denver music scene and playing at a poolside fashion show.

The event starts at 6pm get your tickets HERE! 

303 Magazine: How did you get your start in music?

Brandi: Both Daniel (my bandmate) and I come from a musical background. I grew up with my mom playing me music as a child, sang in the school choir and girl’s ensemble, and then started my own band back in 2007.

Daniel and I met a month and a half ago at the festival The Big Wonderful while we were waiting in a long line for a beer. I stated out loud “I hope nobody minds if I dance in line!” in which Daniel danced right up and said, “I don’t mind!” Our friendship was formed in that line and we both talked about our love of making music. That night we spent hours making music and decided to just go for it and start a band together. It’s been a really fun and interesting experience getting to know each other while we develop our sound as a band!

Daniel: I remember coming home from elementary school and Dad had skipped out on work early to spend the rest of the day listening to records, it was quite the scene with G&T’s and records laying everywhere. I’d sneak in with metal bowls and chopsticks to jam out on my homemade drums in a total state of euphoria. At age 11, my best friend got a Stratocaster and once we learned “smells like teen spirit” there was simply no stopping….

What are some of your biggest musical influences?

Brandi: I grew up watching variety shows like The Grand Ol’ Opry and Barbara Mandrell and the Mandrell Sisters. I’m heavily influenced by female jazz singers from the 1940’s and 50’s. In my 20’s it was old school hip hop and punk. I have a wide variety of influences.

Daniel: Crooners from the 40’s, Rock/Country from the 50’s and R&B/Soul from the 60’s

How has the music scene in Denver changed here since you’ve been here?

Brandi: I grew up in Colorado and have lived in Denver for 15 years. The music scene has always been very strong but I’ve seen it grown by leaps and bounds in the past 5 years. From indie bands to electronic music, we have an amazing assortment.

Daniel: I’m from the desert of Arizona and I’ve only been here a year but Denver is certainly a mecca of music in my mind, a place where you can stumble upon some amazing musicians in a very intimate setting. The approachability of these acts are what makes it so appealing to see shows in Denver!

Photo by Dorian Phaero of Phaero Creative

Photo by Dorian Phaero of Phaero Creative

What is your go-to “summer anthem”?

Brandi: Anything from Blink 182’s Dude Ranch or Weezer’s Blue Album.

Daniel: Twin River – “Get Gone.”

What is your favorite venue in the area?

Brandi: I have played all over Denver with my previous band B.Sue, but have always loved playing the Bannock Street Garage! I love the intimate setting and old school vibe.

Daniel: Bluebird…it just feels so good!

Have you ever played a poolside fashion show?

Brandi: The closest thing I’ve ever done to that is sing poolside with my headphones on 🙂

Daniel: Do dog washes count?

Since fashion is important here, do you have your outfit planned yet? Anything exciting?

Brandi: I am wearing a custom designed dress made by Aura Lavender of Broccoli and Crystals. Running Fashion Denver ( makes everything even more fun as I have quick access to our amazing local designers and I love to be styled in our local talent!

Daniel: Oh, it’s a total charm offensive we have planned, so yes.

What can fans expect from a Piper Cub show?

Brandi: To be thrown back to the days of old with songs that make you smile and your heart melt!

Daniel: Expect to be pleasantly surprised and charmed, we’re not like anything that’s going on in Denver right now…its an awesome dynamic that people are responding well to.

Any words for people on the fence about attending?

Brandi: Jump over the fence to see amazing fashion, listen to fun music, hang out by or in the pool and do something unique and fun!

Daniel: Pool party, fashion AND music? why not? in a year what will you remember more, staying at home or coming to this killer pool party?

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