Art and the manifestation of art are expressed in many different ways. Often times we can get lost in the visual arts; the journey that the light, color and textures can take our mind, eyes and senses on. It is when we read written art that we are taken on an adventure of interpretation, visualizing what this artist is saying in words. Jayme Mansfield has “been passionate about writing and storytelling for as long as I can remember. That’s probably why I drove my parents crazy with far-fetched tales of my imagined adventures.”

Bookstore photo - Jayme Mansfield

Bookstore photo – Jayme Mansfield

Mansfield is “fascinated by history and those who left a mark before us. My focus has been historical fiction, relying heavily on strong character relationships and vivid imagery.” Mansfield combines this enthusiasm for writing with her eagerness to share this passion of literacy and the writing process for the past 18 years with elementary students in Denver.

Mansfield’s book Chasing the Butterfly placed in the Top Ten nationally for Operation First Novel in 2011. “This recognition allowed some doors to open towards publication,” smiles Mansfield and continues “the novel had the top-selling book launch from Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas in October 2014. Chasing the Butterfly has been submitted to numerous fiction contests.”

Chasing the Butterfly - Jayme Mansfield

Chasing the Butterfly – Jayme Mansfield


The publishing world can be very competitive and complex Mansfield explains, “Go in knowing that patience, coupled with hard work is necessary. You must have the willingness to not only be an author, but a marketer, promoter, speaker and editor, all are essential. If you enjoy a straight to the moon learning curve, then it will be an exciting ride,” laughs Mansfield.

“I don’t think ahead to what might come from this journey. However, now that the book is published, I can clearly say two words are paramount: humility and gratitude. I am humbled by the knowledge that this has required so many willing and supportive people to cheer me on; open and close the right doors and instill their talents, wisdom and time to help the process,” states Mansfield and continues “I am grateful for the opportunities I have had to meet so many talented and interesting people. The genuine wish from others for the success of my book has been overwhelming.”

Mansfield finds that is it important to stay sane and she is able to do this with painting, reading, long walks with her Golden Retriever, long talks with friends and family and “alone time too, just be still,” adds Mansfield.

“I love to meld my artistic talents and passion for visual art with expressing vivid images through words. I enjoy writing as if I am painting and vice-versa.” Mansfield has many visual artists that have struck that awe chord with her, but it is the “incredible emotion in Auguste Rodin’s subjects expressed in his paintings and his sculptures are indelible,” smiles Mansfield. “I have always loved C.S. Lewis for his mastery of words, and especially his storytelling ability.”

The Blank Canvas - Jayme Mansfield Blog Header

The Blank Canvas – Jayme Mansfield Blog Header

“Much of my inspiration to write comes from my travels and photography through Europe. Also,” she pauses, smiles and continues “painting always energizes me to write. I am inspired by the desire to tell stories and draw meaning from people, places, circumstances, simply life. For me, writing helps me make sense of life and my hope is that it does a little bit of the same for my readers.” Jayme Mansfield takes the reader on a surprising adventure with her novel Chasing the Butterfly and we thank her for this.

Jayme Mansfield - All photos courtesy of Mansfield

Jayme Mansfield – All photos courtesy of Mansfield


Want to learn more about Jayme Mansfield? Read her blog The Blank Canvas, visit Piggy Toes Art Studio at, her Facebook page is Piggy Toes Art Studio.

Where can you find her novel, Chasing the Butterfly? Soft cover print can be found at Tattered Cover, Bookies Bookstore, Brushstrokes Studio and Gallery, Piggy Toes Art Studio, WISH, Compleat Gourmet and you can find it in E-print as well as print at Amazon and Barnes & Noble.