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courtesy of Mona Lucero


Denver Fashion Weekend is approching quickly for its first-ever four-night series. The event will be held at City Hall Amphitheater from April 29 through May 3. This weekend-long show will feature fashion from both local and national designers, including Mona Lucero, who grew up in Colorado.

Lucero will be showing off her newest designs for 2015 at DFW, with many pieces appropriate for either spring or fall. These pieces will be colorful and glam, to please the audience but also to display the direction her line is heading in.

“A fashion show is like a play,” Lucero said. “It has to capture the viewer’s imagination.”

On the DFW runway, the designs will capture the imagination by using the tried-and-true Mona Lucero style: eclectic but romantic, playful and subtly sexy. There will be dresses and skirts for mostly evening wear but some that fit for casual dates or daytime.

“I keep Denver in mind for for many of my designs and you can see that thought in my skirts, which are great for the more casual Denver lifestyle,” she said. “But both my dresses and skirts are wearable anywhere women want to look lovely.”

Lucero uses visual creativity to get from her ideas to the final product. Her designs are draped without patterns and are done by thinking sculpturally, so that the designs look flawless at every angle.

“[There are] lots of squinting and walking to and fro from the dress form,” Lucero said about preparing her designs for DFW. “… like a painter does while working on a canvas.”

Lucero does it all for the sake of creating clothing that allows for people to express themselves. You can learn more about Mona Lucero and her designs by visiting her website.

photo by Delmy Gooch

photo by Delmy Gooch

Don’t miss seeing Mona Lucero on Saturday, May 2 at Denver Fashion Weekend. Purchase your runway seats and tickets HERE