Taking Back Sunday’s most recent release, Happiness Is, has just recently gotten a re-release which now includes a full collection of B-Sides and acoustic tracks. This is one of those releases that diehards are going to need for their Taking Back Sunday record collection. And it just so happens that fans will be able to pick up a copy of the re-release at Summit Music Hall this Wednesday for Taking Back Sunday’s Spring Headlining Tour 2015.

There’s few bands that tour through each time around that really intrigue and captivate audiences time and time again, and Taking Back Sunday just happen to be one of those select few artists. With an entire arsenal of hits, full-length records, demos/B-sides, and new music on-hand, Taking Back Sunday are sure to please fans of all their separate eras. And yes, “Cute Without The E (Cut From The Team)” and “MakeDamnSure” are still those two Taking Back Sunday songs that we can’t get enough of … I highly doubt tracks with as much significance that these two have had on Taking Back Sunday’s career will be left off the setlist.


303 Magazine got a chance to speak briefly with Shaun Cooper (bassist of Taking Back Sunday) ahead of Wednesday’s concert, so check out what Shaun had to say.

303 Magazine Interview With Shaun Cooper

303: What are you most excited about for this tour?

Shaun: Watching The Menzingers and Letlive every night!

303: With more than 15 years in the game, have you guys noticed a difference in the crowds these days versus when your first or second records were just being released?

Shaun: It’s definitely all positive!  Our audience seems to have grown up with us.  People who got into our music years ago bring out their younger siblings or even their children to our shows now.

303: What artists or bands are you guys most into right now? Even ones that have inspired you in the past.

Shaun: I’ve been listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac and Thin Lizzy lately.  The Beatles are always in constant rotation, as is Guns ‘N Roses’ Appetite For Destruction.

303: What are some songs that you guys never get to play live (or hope to) that are personal favorites from older releases?

Shaun: We all would love to play “El Paso” from our self-titled record [Taking Back Sunday].  Unfortunately, it doesn’t go over very well live.

303: Since you guys have been around through many different musical phases and trends, where do you think the state of music will head next?

Shaun: We have never cared about trends. We just do what we like. Thankfully people are still paying attention to us.

Check out the trailer right here for Taking Back Sunday's Spring Tour 2015

Taking Back Sunday are accompanied by opening artists Letlive. and The Menzingers. Hopefully you got your tickets early, or you’re able to find someone who’s selling because this concert is officially sold out.

(If you’re not able to make it to the show, pick up a copy of Happiness Is: The Complete Recordings right now! Pick up a physical copy on vinyl or head to iTunes for a digital version.)


Tickets: Sold Out

Doors: 6:00pm / Show: 7:00pm


Written by Samuel Lang of 303 Magazine.

Photo and video courtesy of Taking Back Sunday.