Some of the best nights out involve music, whether it be a local band down the street or a big name artist in town for the night. Most of us have experienced the waiting outside for a friend, standing in a line with a hundred other like-minded humans or drenched in someone else’s PBR. These are all very common situations of going to a show but also part of the entire experience. One of the biggest pieces of planning a night out at a show is figuring out what to wear. You don’t want to be cold but you also don’t want to be bundled up in sweater in the middle of an encore.

A night out at a show can leave you ass-cold waiting outside to an ass-sweat situation on the dance floor. There are a variety of venues and bars that cater to all different types of sounds and styles, fashion included. Whether you prefer to take in the music in your favorite jeans or opt for a fancier top, putting together the perfect party outfit will allow you to enjoy the music dressed in style. Here are five things to keep in mind when getting ready for a music night out. Flasks sold separately.

5 Things to Wear (or Not Wear) To A Show

1. Lose the bulk


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If you’re brave enough to stand in the cold without a jacket, we applaud your strength and overall badassness. Attending a show in the winter is a great way to not catch cabin fever but it’s important to pick pieces that you don’t have to carry around for the rest of the night. Wearing layers and utilizing the few pieces you don’t mind holding onto is key. A flannel is a great semi-jacket that also works great as a 90’s Empire Records look when tied around your waist. Just make sure the top you have on underneath isn’t as heavy and you can dance the night away.

Best: Flannel or lightweight hood you don’t mind throwing on the ground

Worst: Down jacket that makes you have robot arms when you try to dance

2. Don’t wear anything too fancy


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Dressing up for a show can be just as fun as attending but that doesn’t mean you have to wear your most expensive top or boots. Find a balance with the pieces in your closet and opt for something that has a little flair but won’t make you hate yourself if it ends up with a stain or smelling like smoke. A casual dress or your best old jeans work great and won’t leave you feeling like you lost $100 bucks (not including booze) when they don’t survive the dance floor. It’s important to enjoy the show and with all the other people around you doing the same, no adorable shirt or dress is safe.

Best: A loose tank top and worn jeans

Worst: Your new favorite dress and wedges from Anthropologie

 3. No Heels


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There are a few different types of shows where this rule doesn’t apply (i.e a jazz show in a beautiful twirly dress), but for the most part steer clear of anything that might make your feet hurt after standing for too long. If an opener comes on at 7, you will most likely be waiting until 9:30 or 10 for the headliner. If you plan on getting there to see both, that’s already more than three hours of standing. Picking out a pair that you can comfortably boogie down in all night is essential and well worth the life span of your fancy shoes.

Best: Converse or boots that look good worn and dirty

Worst: Boots with a deadly heel or anything with a deadly heel

4. Funky hat and hair


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It’s easy to leave your hair down and do the rocker hair shake but this can become messy once the show starts. Braids and buns are easier to deal with but also allow you to steer clear of unwanted beer and liquor. Plus, no one wants to be that person who whips their hair back and forth into someone else’s drink. There are a simple ways to create this look in less than five minutes – but will last all night. If you want to leave you hair down, a hat is also a great addition to any concert attire. A wider brim works better with most face shapes and also keeps any unwanted guests a little further away.

Best: French braids or a bowler hat

Worst: Really long hair with no hair tie

5. Small purses


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One of the best ways to fully enjoy a show is making sure you don’t have to carry any unnecessary baggage. A bulky backpack makes any bouncer weary and nobody wants to continuously adjust a tote on their shoulder. The best way to both keep close the few items that you need is in a small over the shoulder purse, clutch or (dare I say) fanny pack. These three bags make it easier to keep track of your belongings without having to worry about where to put it down or how to dance whilst holding it.

Best: A clutch that has a strap

Worst: A bag that you could take on a weekend trip

Everyone has had their fair share of concert calamities and unwanted mosh pits but it’s much easier to enjoy the show when you go in prepared. Wearing a jacket that you don’t mind throwing down or continuously worrying about losing makes any show that more enjoyable. You don’t go to the gym in your best blazer and that logic works well in many other location as well. Colorado offers different genres of music year round in every part of the state so make sure you experience it first hand.

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